Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Operation Typhoon - Part Four

Sadly there's nothing worse than a painting mishap to dampen the enthusiasm for a wargaming project. A pot of super-thick 'Ardcoat' gloss varnish by Games Workshop has caused my latest disaster, completing covering two of my Russian BT7a 75mm CS tanks with a goopy film that completely ruined the models' crisp details and visibly altered their Knarloc Green paint scheme. Into the Methylated Spirits they've gone, hopefully to re-emerge as either battered hulks, or as captured prizes for a future Finnish Army. In the meantime I've ordered some replacements from "Pendraken Miniatures" and got some new gloss varnish.

This Russian Commanding Officer base is made up from models from a number of different “Pendraken Miniatures” Soviet packets. The miniatures come from SV7 Officers, SV22 Officers winter clothing, and SV35 Commissar with megaphone. The vehicle is one of the two models you get from packet SV53 BA64 armoured car. The officers’ uniforms were painted either using Knarloc Green, Thrakka Green wash and a dry-brush of Knarloc Green, or Calthan Brown, Devlan Mud wash, and dry-brush of Calthan Brown. Their trousers were either Calthan Brown or Mordian Blue. The ‘Bobik’ 4x4 light armoured car was undercoated with Knarloc Green, washed with Thraka Green and then dry-brushed with more Knarloc Green. Its machinegun was painted with Boltgun Metal and Badab Black.