Wednesday, 22 July 2015

"Guild Ball" - WIP - Part Five

Blackheart WIP - Having washed the pirate's sword I picked out and painted his red loincloth
Having played another couple of matches of “Guild Ball” by “Steamforged Games Ltd” over the past weekend I’ve once again found my enthusiasm for this violent fantasy-based sport, and spent some time concentrating on my union team’s captain, Blackheart. This Pirate King actually proved lethal during the first of my matches, where he almost single-handedly ‘murdered’ my opponent’s Mortician’s Guild. However, despite this player’s prowess on the field I really don’t like the miniature at all, and have found my motivation consistently sapped every time I try and paint the model. I have though managed to not only finish painting his red loincloth and brown leather tunic. But also his arms and sword.
Blackheart WIP - Having finished the arms and leather armour, my model was decapitated
Unfortunately, many of these very expensive models have some extremely delicate joins, and much to my utter frustration, my squad’s captain lost his head. As a result I’ve taken some rather extreme measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again by drilling out both his torso and his noggin’ and then pinning the two parts together using a spare piece of metal. Hopefully this’ll ensure I have no more mishaps. Although the model now needs some major ‘touch-ups’ having been badly scuffed whilst I was re-attaching his head.

Sadly Blackheart isn’t the only model to have come apart since I glued my team together, as I have had to repair my tiny Greede miniature as well; something which has only dampened my passion for this figure range even more. Indeed I’ve spotted at least one blog where the gamer has assembled some very nice-looking ‘proxy’ miniatures and am now starting to wish I’d done something similar.
Decimate WIP - Slight and feminine, this model sports a wonderful billowy cloak
Having just recently bought even more “Guild Ball” miniatures though, I guess I’m now wholly committed to the official “Steamforged Games Ltd” range. Certainly I think the company’s Decimate model is very nice, if not a little fragile. Though I was rather unimpressed with this female winger’s performance on the pitch. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

"Frostgrave" - WIP - Part One

Enchanter & Apprentice WIPs - These models took some considerable time to prepare due to 'flash'
Recently I’ve been increasingly finding myself in the mood for some ‘medieval’ fantasy wargaming, as opposed to my usual genres of super-heroes, zombies and science fiction. Whether this is because of the marvellous looking “Zombicide: Black Plague” “CoolMiniOrNot” kickstarter by “Guillotine Games” I’ve just backed or due to my having played several games of the “Steamforged Ltd” ruleset “Guild Ball” over the past couple of weekends, I am not entirely sure. Whatever the reason I have also been supporting the “Frostgrave” ‘Nickstarter’ by “North Star Military Figures” and have now received my rewards….     
Apprentices & Construct WIPs - Each miniature is absolutely packed with detail
 Despite the fact I’ve actually acquired quite a few of the game’s metal miniatures, as well as a box of the company’s multi-part plastic “Frostgrave Soldiers”, I’ve decided to start small and simply paint up my opposing wizards. Each magic user is accompanied by an able apprentice, so I’ve based them up as well. Finally I’ve also started some preparation work on one of the two constructs I additionally ordered. I don’t currently know precisely what they do on the tabletop, except presumably protect their party’s leader. But this small miniature looks rather fun to paint.
Witch & Apprentice WIPs - The dark-skinned magic users are wearing polar bear furs
As Frostgrave is a frozen city I’ve gone with the Northland-looking Enchanter for one of my factions. The model looks especially suitable with his long beard and thick furred garments. For opposition though I thought it would be interesting to utilise someone from a much warmer climate and thus have elected to utilise the rather voodoo-inspired Witch.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

"The Ion Age" - Prydian Army Retained Knights

"What is your duty? To serve the Emperor's Will."
These three 15mm miniatures are from "The Ion Age" miniatures selection IAF008 Retained Knight Post Charlie and are all armed with Angis Rifles. I’ve based them on a medium “Battlefront Miniatures” stand in order to represent a typical Prydian Army infantry unit. The models were initially undercoated with "Vallejo" Heavy Blue before being washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil. Their hands were then picked out with "Vallejo" Heavy Red, before I treated them to a glaze of "Citadel" Bloodletter. Finally the models' weapons were painted using the "Citadel" combination of Ironbreaker with Nuln Oil.
Sanguinius WIP - The "Games Workshop" wings will be washed with grey and then dry-brushed white
Sticking with "The Ion Age" I've managed to apply some basic colours to one of the company's 28mm miniatures. I plan to use this 'converted' Retained Knight with an Octa Powered Sword to represent Sanguinius at the time of the Horus Heresy; the devastating Space Marine civil war made popular by "Games Workshop" and "Warhammer 40,000". The model is a little larger than the Primarch of the Blood Angels should be. But as a result should dominate the tabletop as befitting one of the Emperor's genetically-engineered sons.

As the majority of the figure's armour is going to be gold, I've started with a brown undercoat. However I'll need to paint his plastic wings first, as I plan for these to be dry-brushed, so am bound to 'mess up' any surrounding paintwork.
Imperial Guard WIPs - These cars need to be based and undercoated grey
In addition I have assembled and started to base four resin Adder Combat Cars. These wheeled vehicles will actually form part of my 'Rogue Trader' Imperial Army, and will be armed with a variety of weapons ranging from Railguns to Rotary Cannons.

Monday, 6 July 2015

"The Ion Age" - Yellow Adder Combat Lifter

Fire Support Adder with twin Anda Missile Pods
This 15mm resin model of a hover light vehicle is made by “The Ion Age” and is model IAF036B Yellow Adder Combat Lifter from the company’s Prydian Army Vehicles range. As I wanted it to be a fire support Adder I assembled it with (resin) twin Anda Missile Pods in a turret mount. The vehicle is an impressive 60mm in length, 30mm wide and 35mm tall. In order to give the model some additional protection I based it upon a large “Battlefront Miniatures” plastic stand.
Imperial Fist Company with fire support
Because I am ‘modelling’ my Prydian Army upon the ‘Rogue Trader’ Crimson Fist Space Marine Chapter I initially undercoated the vehicle with two coats of “Vallejo” Heavy Blue. I then washed the entire model with “Citadel” Nuln Oil. The Adder’s forward and rear hatches were then picked out with “Vallejo” Heavy Red before being glazed in “Citadel” Bloodletter. I picked out the vehicle’s sidelights and missiles with Ironbreaker and finally applied a “Warhammer 40K” Crimson Fist decal to its front.
Adder Combat Lifter WIP - Just waiting to be tidied up before being washed with black shade
Having completed the first of my Prydian Army vehicles, I have already based and undercoated a second Adder Combat Lifter. But this time armed it with a Hermit grenade Launcher in order for it to provide infantry support. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Zombicide Report: Doctor Who, Han Solo And Chewbacca Verses The Cybermen - Part Three

“The story so far… Doctor Who has joined forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca to try and stop the Cyber-leader and Great Intelligence from conquering the Earth. However having teamed-up the trio now find themselves cornered by a large army of the silver giants from Telos and some hairy Yeti… With more of the robotic monsters on their way.”

Stepping inside Roger’s Store, the Doctor spotted three Cybermen and a Cybermat just outside the building’s northern entranceway. Astonishingly the Timelord managed to take down two of the cyborgs but having done so levelled up once again… The time-traveller was clearly becoming quite the threat to the Cyber-leader, especially as he used his free combat action to blast a third of the towering Telos giants. Suddenly Solo was beside him, and the silver-haired smuggler quickly dispatched the Cybermat before finding ‘plenty of ammo’ within the shop. Outside Chewbacca gunned down two of the three Cybermen approaching the Wookie from the north. With a growl though the Millennium Falcon’s co-pilot heard the distinctive clunk of five more Cybermen approaching along Vampifan’s Avenue from the west and saw six more of the Cyborgs appear to the north.
The Doctor threw his rifle to Han, and moved through Roger’s Store to appear in the middle of Vampifan’s Avenue. There he dispatched two of the newly arrived Cybermen. Solo was soon with him. But the Corellian only managed to blast one more the silver giants. Chewbacca was having more luck, and brought down not only the one remaining cyborg in front of him but two of the six Cybermen further up the road.

It was ‘All or Nothing Time’ clearly, as the Wookie raced through Roger’s Store to join his companions and desperately tried to batter a Cyberman to death with a crowbar.  He failed. But the Doctor heroically intervened by dispatching no less than five of the Telos cyborgs… “Don’t make the Timelord angry!” Han Solo also made some sensational shots count and by the time the silver-haired smuggler had finished firing the trio were no longer trapped between two opposing hordes of Cybermen… At least momentarily.
The Doctor continued to wreak havoc upon the Cyber-leader’s forces with his sonic shotgun, as he brought down not only a Cyberman but three Cybermats who had furiously been snaking towards him. Chewbacca ‘deactivated’ the final Cyberman between himself and the junction south to where the TARDIS was housed. Admittedly a Yeti and two more of the silver giants had appeared at the far eastern end of Vampifan’s Avenue. But there was a gap and so the Wookie raced around the corner and south down to the Generator Room and the TARDIS. Joining his co-pilot Han Solo first blasted the two Cybermen accompanying the Yeti. The Great Intelligence’s hairy robot moved towards the Doctor’s direction and suddenly was within striking distance of the Timelord as all ‘fatties’ gained an extra activation. To make matters worse more Cybermats were scuttling along the concrete towards the time-traveller form the opposite direction. U.N.I.T.’s former scientific advisor was trapped.
 The Doctor blew away the Yeti with his sonically enhanced shotgun, and raced down to the Generator Room before yelling for Solo to get his Neutron Flow Polarity Reverser from inside the TARDIS’ Console Room. The Corellian did so and then ran south and then west towards the Timelord’s proposed exit point. Behind him Chewbacca gave a low growl and followed him.

 Planning on joining his companions and escaping this area of London the Doctor suddenly found himself being dragged down by a swarm of Cybermats. Not only had more of the metallic pests appeared to the north but as they had suddenly been permitted two extra activations some of them had reached his position… Farther away the Timelord could also hear the voice of the Cyber-Leader himself.
Realising that this was his last hope he somehow managed to blast the scurrying Cybermats pinning him down and join his two companions in relative safety… Until the next adventure at least. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Zombicide Report: Doctor Who, Han Solo And Chewbacca Verses The Cybermen - Part Two

“The story so far… Doctor Who has joined forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca to try and stop the Cyber-leader and Great Intelligence from conquering the Earth. But having split up each of the heroes faces a deadly robotic threat of their own as the silver giants from Telos and murderous hairy Yeti start to encircle them…”

Trapped inside Roger’s Store Chewbacca desperately evaded the webbed claws of the powerful Yeti stalking him, and once again cast his eyes around for something strong enough with which to beat the robot down with. Spying something silver lying with a large crate of kiwi fruit the Wookie pulled out from the wooden fruit box… a Mark I Cyberman from Mondas!! Solo realising that his furry friend was in trouble on account of his co-pilot’s growls raced into the shop and at point blank range blasted the cyborg. But now the nearby Yeti was close enough to close with both of the Rebel smugglers. Meanwhile the Doctor managed to dispatch two more Cybermen with his rifle and moved up into the yellow danger level, acquiring an additional action in the process. As a result two Cybermats appeared in the road in front of him…
Using all four of his actions the Timelord managed to finally dispatch the super-fast Cybermats. Equally as desperate Han and Chewbacca ran out of Roger’s Store and headed east down Vampifan’s Avenue away from another Yeti and an increasing cyber-horde. The Cybermen slowly stalked the Millennium Falcon’s crewmembers, increasing in pace as all ‘walkers’ were awarded an extra turn… Suddenly bringing the Corellian and Wookie face-to-face with two of the silver giants.
Somehow managing to evade their foes deadly clutches Han and Chewbacca reached the Eleventh Doctor’s side for a brief “reunion”. Sensing that they would soon be overrun the Timelord raised his trusty rifle and sent the two approaching Cybermen back to Telos, before racing back into the restaurant to find a flashlight. Meanwhile two Yeti and more Cybermen appeared at the north end of the road.

Throwing tables and chairs all over the place the Doctor suddenly dropped his fire axe and snatched up a shotgun he spied tucked safely away under a napkin. A moment later the Timelord was outside again and three approaching Cybermen had fallen as a result of his rifle shots. Realising that they needed another escape route, Chewbacca broke down the eastern door of Roger’s Store, shot at one of the few remaining silver giants in front of him, and having missed, re-joined the Doctor. Solo blasted the remaining cyborg, levelled up and also fell back to the time traveller’s side. In front of them a Yeti slowly approached. Whilst suddenly from inside Roger’s Store they heard the scuttling of fast-moving Cybermats and the crashing of something far larger…
The silver-haired smuggler took out the diminutive Cybermats and then watched as the Doctor brought his shotgun up and blasted the close by Yeti. The Timelord then disappeared into Roger’s Store and spotting another of the Great intelligence’s hairy robots destroyed that beast as well. Chewbacca fired away with his weapon at some Cybermen who had just recently appeared at the north end of the street and suddenly the roads were empty.
But with a “Delete. Delete.” three more of the silver giants from Telos appeared and many more could be heard slowly approaching…

Dum Da Dum, Diddly Dum, Oo-ee-oos…

For those interested in following the comic book exploits of Han Solo and Chewbacca in the new "Star Wars" series by "Marvel Worldwide", then I have reviewed the first five issues here: