Wednesday 9 January 2013

"Under Their Master's Gaze, They Felt Invincible"

I've finished painting the first five of fifteen “Heroclix” Moloids I plan to use for some adventures of the 'Caped Crusader' using the ruleset “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”. Created by the Deviants in the Marvel Comics Universe, the majority of these followers of the Mole Man are the Rookie miniature from the “Critical Mass” Marvel Heroclix expansion (#001). I actually struggled to find even a single model for under £5.00 on (including postage), let alone the double figures I wanted, so they were purchased as part of a much larger order I eventually made from American Webstore Troll And Toad, and cost approximately just £0.93 each.
As part of my move away from all things "Games Workshop" these plastic Mole People were predominantly painted with Vallejo paints, with their flesh initially having an undercoat of Heavy Warmgrey before being given a liberal wash of Fleshtone Shade. Their eye goggles were painted using a combination of Gunmetal Grey and Black Shade, whilst their rock clubs were undercoated either with Heavy Bluegrey or Heavy Charcoal before also being washed with Black Shade. The Subterraneans’ loincloths were painted with Heavy Sienna. However a wash of Umber Shade proved disappointing so they were then washed with either Devlan Mud (RIP) or Agrax Earthshade; both washes/shades by Citadel (Games Worskhop).
Each model was then given a coat of Gloss Varnish by Games Workshop, before being based using a combination of Citadel’s Doombull Brown, Rakarth Flesh and Agrax Earthshade. Clumps of Citadel Static Grass were then PVA’d to the bases. Unfortunately the grass has not turned out as sporadically as I anticipated, with some of the bases being positively overgrown with flora (especially unsuitable for a race of underground cave-dwellers). As a result, I may well re-base these models over the next few weeks.
My attention over the next fortnight will now turn to painting some more Heroclix models, this time ones representing the officers of the Gotham City Police Department, including Commissioner Jim Gordon. In addition, I've also started working on a Batmobile (utilising the 1989 “Batman” movie version). The model is metal, so I've had to screw it to its base in order to ensure it removes intact.