Monday, 26 August 2013

German Zombie Bombs

These 28mm metal models are two of the four  miniatures found in blister G-SOTR37 German Zombie Bombs by “West Wind Productions”. Sculpted by Andy Cooper I’m a big fan of these miniatures and really like the different explosives ‘strapped’ to the walking corpses. However I am not enamoured with the uncovered head, nor with how it turned out after my application of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with a Citadel Thrakka Green wash. Indeed having subsequently given the zombie’s detached eyeball and surrounding trauma a wash of Baal Red the facial detail seems to have completely ‘melted away’ into a bloody mess.
I’m still slowly painting several Snow Troopers by “Four A Miniatures” for an Artic ‘Cold War’ scenario using “Savage Worlds”. I’ve had a fair quantity of Drop Troopers subsequently arrive from “Four A Miniatures” and some iceberg resin scenery is waiting in the wings as well.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

More German Zombies

These 28mm metal models are the other two miniatures found in blister G-SOTR05 German Zombies (A) by “West Wind Productions”. As with my other “Secrets of the Third Reich” zombies, I used an old Citadel Foundation pot of Adeptus Battlegrey for their undercoat before washing them with Nuln Oil. However, having felt the mixture of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with Citadel’s Thrakka Green wash produced too green a hue for undead flesh, I instead used Vallejo Warm Grey on these models; producing a far subtler rotting skin effect, especially when coupled with a spattering of Citadel Wash Baal Red.
Our second game of “Weird War Two” using the “Savage Worlds Deluxe” rules by “Pinnacle Entertainment Group” went far quicker than the first, despite the British Line facing twice as many of the walking undead. This was largely due to both the Sergeant (Wild Card) and Bren-Carrier (Extra) keeping their Fear in check this time round and firing a hail of lead into the advancing cadavers. The odd Joker card turning up during Initiative (+2 to all Trait and Damage rolls) as well as a few dice ‘Acing’ made matters even worse for the German Horrors… Time to introduce some Exploding Suicide zombies next.
In the meantime I’m slowly continuing to potter on with these Snow Troopers by “Four A Miniatures”. I’ve since ordered some more of the company’s Drop Troopers (also sculpted by Adam Gayford) to use as Soviet opposition for the Allied Artic expedition.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

German Zombies

These 28mm metal models are two of the four miniatures found in blister G-SOTR05 German Zombies (A) by “West Wind Productions”. In order to ‘tie-them in’ with some previously painted “Secrets of the Third Reich” zombies I have, I returned to an old Citadel Foundation pot of Adeptus Battlegrey for their undercoat. I then gave their uniforms a second coat before washing them generously with the Citadel Shade Nuln Oil. For their decaying flesh I tried a new combination of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with a Citadel Thrakka Green wash. This made the zombies somewhat more gangrenous than I intended, but once I treated some of the more exposed areas to a wash of Baal Red I was happy with the overall effect of putrefaction.
Despite owning the “Secrets of the Third Reich” rulebook and the “Doomsday 1949” supplement, I actually plan to use these models as part of a large Axis Force for the “Savage Worlds” setting “Weird War Two” by “Pinnacle Entertainment Group”. Our first game simply consisted of a (Wild Card) Novice British Sergeant (more or less based upon the “Allied Army & Marines” pre-generated character found here: and a British Section against a small group of four german zombies, which had stumbled upon their dug-outs.

We played with a few house rules such as zombies don’t run unless they’ve been shot at and that the Allies didn’t have to make the (one-off) mandatory Fear Roll casued by their horror at encountering the walking dead unless they were about to either shoot or move towards the zombies; so backing away from the Undead wouldn’t trigger the Fear Roll but looking down the sights of a Lee Enfield No.4 would. The game went simply enough with the Allies winning without loss. This was largely thanks to the Bren gun and its Rate of Fire (3) causing 2d8 damage. However the highlight was undoubtedly ‘British Pluck’ failing to save the Sergeant from gaining ‘The Mark of Fear’. His Section will forever be unnerved by the white streak in his hair from now on…
These Snowtroopers are by “Four A Miniatures” and are part of larger project I’m putting together for a game of “Savage Worlds” set in the Artic during the Cold War.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

"Batman Is The Hero Gotham Deserves"

This 28mm plastic model is number 124 Commissioner Gordon from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. The model was re-based and despite being already pre-painted was further undercoated with a thin covering of Heavy Sienna. The trousers were then painted using Heavy Brown, whilst the policeman’s over coat was given a second layer of Heavy Sienna. Both of these ‘browns’, as well as the “Vallejo” Gold I used to pick out his trouser belt badge, were then washed with my ever-dwindling supply of “Citadel” Devlan Mud. Gordon’s shirt was painted with Heavy Bluegrey and his hair with “Citadel” Skull White. I then applied the shade Nuln Oil to both of these areas. The tie was simply given a coat of Heavy Red and heavily washed with some ‘leftover’ “Citadel” Baal Red.

Having made the decision to predominantly use the “Vallejo” range of Game and Model Color paints, following the decision by “Games Workshop” to cease production of the French-manufactured “Citadel” Foundation colours, I was in a predicament as to how to achieve a similar flesh shading effect to the one I’ve previously attained with my re-painted “Heroclix” models. In the end I went with a temporary compromise, using some of the last of my “Citadel” Tallern Flesh and Ogryn Flesh wash as the base coat, and then “Vallejo” Heavy Skintone and Fleshtone Shade for the highlights.
These three 28mm plastic models are all number 001 Gotham Policeman (Rookie) also from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. Predominantly they were painted using “Vallejo” Heavy Blue and Blue Shade for their uniforms. A few of the five models I painted had their sergeant stripes removed from their sleeves with a sharp modelling knife in order to represent less experienced cops.
I also simply ignored the silver GCPD and collar insignia on each model, simply painting over them with blue. This was done to speed up the time it took to paint the models but also because some of them suffered from a common complaint of pre-painted models; in that their detail was already close to being lost as a result of being ‘caked’ in too thick an original coat of paint.

Details such as the sergeant sleeve stripes, belt buckle and cap badge were painted using the simple technique of applying Gold to an undercoat of Heavy Sienna, and then giving the metallic areas a wash of Devlan Mud.
This 28mm plastic model is number 019 Lackey (Rookie) from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. I’ve converted two of these models by removing their crowbar hand and replacing it with a gloved pistol wielding hand from the number 016 Henchman model from the “Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge” range.

In order to make the models stand out a little more on the gaming tabletop, I painted their woollen hats with “Vallejo” Heavy Red as opposed to the black or dark green I’ve previously used. This red was then washed with Baal Red and Devlan Mud to significantly darken down the colour.

For those interested in using Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department in their games of “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”, I simply use the Police Constable Extra profiles found within the Central Casting chapter of the “7TV” Core Rulebook with a couple of notable exceptions. James Gordon is simply an upgraded Police Constable and so gains the Leader (1) effect, whilst all the models gain the basic weapon Pistol (4+).

In order to keep things similarly simple for the gunmen I use the ‘Eavy Extra profile, and again just give each of the hired muscle a Pistol (4+) attack.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

"Atomic Batteries To Power"

This is the first in a series of games I've set during the caped crusader’s early years, using “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”. In this opening engagement Batman and Robin are searching a warehouse for clues as to the secret lair of Edward Nygma. Unfortunately for the dynamic duo, the Riddler has dispatched a number of his men to the same building to ensure no such hints as to his hidden location exist.
Prologue: Having driven the Batmobile into the warehouse and gone their separate ways looking for evidence, the game actually started with only Robin being on the table. The boy wonder would need to roll a 4+ at the end of the turn to see if the dark knight was going to make an appearance. To make matters worse, the vast majority of the Riddler’s ‘Eavies immediately appeared at the opposite quarter of the 2x2 foot table.
Turn One: Automatically gaining the first turn’s initiative, the ‘Eavies started to fan out into the warehouse. Only one was carrying a pistol, so he quickly made his way beside some large pipes with a good view of a clue that had been inadvertently left on the floor in the centre of the building. Meanwhile another ‘Eavy, this time armed with a crowbar, dashed past the piping towards a second clue. Alone, but armed with his trusty battle stave, Robin moved towards the centre of the warehouse, ensuring the crates blocked any line of sight of the ‘Eavy armed with a pistol.
Turn Two: As there was no sign of Batman, three ‘Eavies decided to teach Robin a hard lesson, and rushed the youngster with their crowbars. Only “Luck” and “Dodge” saved the ‘dependable deputy’ from falling, and even then he only survived with one hit intact. A crack on the nose with his unwieldy two-handed weapon took one of the ‘hired muscle’ down but the brightly costumed crime-fighter was in trouble.
Turn Three: A bat-a-rang in the back of another ‘Eavy’s ‘ead announced the arrival of Batman, and with a heroic surge the ‘million dollar marvel’ was using some barrels as cover and dispatching the final ‘Eavy menacing Robin with another of his throwing weapons. Inspired by the presence of his benefactor, the boy wonder also heroically surged and snatched the clue up from the middle of warehouse before darting back into cover beside Batman.

Turn Four: Furious at the youngster’s boldness, the ‘Eavy armed with a pistol vaulted over the piping, and started shooting at the dynamic duo. And whilst bullets whizzed off of the barrels the caped crusaders were sheltering behind, another small party of ‘Eavies approached them; one snatching up a third (and final) clue en route.

Turn Five: Finally finding the presence of mind to actually aim his weapon, the ‘Eavy with a pistol sent Robin reeling with a shot, and the boy wonder was out of the game for good. Sensing victory, the closest of the ‘Eavies then charged Batman, claiming the clue Robin had dropped as he fell, and also causing the dark knight to grimace as a crowbar struck his cowled head.
Final Turn: Incensed by the injury to his ward, Batman flattened the ‘Eavy trying to ‘steal’ away the clue obtained by Robin, and promptly recovered it for himself. But in doing so was unable to reach the other ‘Eavies who had earlier picked up the other two clues within the warehouse.

Aftermath: Amazingly, despite the loss of Robin, the ‘scuffle in the warehouse’ had proved a draw. Batman’s single clue proved to be as valuable a piece of evidence as the combined total of the two clues recovered by the Riddler’s ‘Eavies.
BATMAN (Million Dollar Marvel)
Move: 6   Defence: 5   Hits: 3   Strength: 5   Agility: 5   Intelligence: 4   Morale: 5
Basic Special Effects: Luck (2)
Additional Special Effects: Body Armour, Heroic Surge, Fists of Fury, Daring Leap, Leader (1) and Gadgets
Attacks: Brawl/Unarmed and Sling

ROBIN (Dependable Deputy)
Move: 6   Defence: 4   Hits: 2   Strength: 3   Agility: 5   Intelligence: 4   Morale: 3
Basic Special Effects: Luck (1), Sidekick and Disarm
Additional Special Effects: Plucky, Dodge and Heroic Surge
Attacks: Brawl/Unarmed and Two handed-Weapon

Sunday, 3 February 2013

1989 Batman Movie Batmobile

I've finished painting the die-cast Batmobile from the 1989 movie by  “Eaglemoss Collections”.  The Chevrolet Impala chassis and reinforced tyres were painted using several coats of “Coat d’arms” Black, whilst “Vallejo” Gunmental Grey was applied to the vehicle’s Veeblefetzer valve, turbine, afterburner, thrusters and wheel trims. These metallic areas were then treated to a wash of “Citadel” Badab Black. The front head Lamps of this “rocket engine on wheels” were picked out using “Citadel” Skull White and “Vallejo” Pale Grey wash and the tail light reflector assemblies were painted using “Vallejo” Heavy Red and Red Shade”.
 Priced at just £2.99, this official collector’s model is the first release by “Eaglemoss Collections” “Batman Automobilia” range of Batman vehicles, and should lead to me using a string of these special cars for my “7TV” games by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”. The pre-release material I've been sent already hints at Joker's Wacky Car (from 1951) and some of Gotham Police Department's cars being future releases.

To prepare the 1:43 scale model for painting, I first removed it from its ‘unique collector’s case’ and 3D lenticular background by unscrewing two tiny screws that fixed it to its detailed “textured and hand-painted base’. Due to its weight I then screwed the vehicle onto a “Citadel” large oval base. I'd already flocked, painted, washed and treated this base to some static grass in order for it to fit in with the basing of my other models.
Designed by Anton Furst, the bodywork of the 1989 Movie version Batmobile was ‘reportedly given over seventy coats of black acrylic paint’. This ‘perfectly reproduced’ scale replica did not need quite so many, but it still took me several coats of water-based paint to get an even coverage. In addition one of the tail light reflectors was missing, so I had to replace that with a ‘close’ approximate using green stuff. The entire model was then treated to a coat of “Citadel” Gloss Varnish.

Currently the model is just being used as a piece of scenery, but once a few more models arrive that I can use, then I can't think of a better way of starting a game of "7TV" than with a car-chase as per the Vehicle rules in the core rulebook.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

"From This Moment On, None Of You Are Safe"

I’m still painting a load of 28mm plastic models from the “Heroclix” range by “Wizkids” for some ‘linked’
games of “TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio” at my local club.
 My current intention is to try and capture Batman’s initial exploration of the cave system beneath Wayne Manor. Something along the lines of Frank Miller’s “Batman:Year One” but with a few differences; the most notable being the inclusion of Robin, the Boy Wonder.
 For the moment though we’re using pre-painted scenery from the Industrial Range made by “Tablescape” and using the “7TV” ruleset random generator to depict a series of clashes between the Caped Crusader and Edward Nigma.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

"Under Their Master's Gaze, They Felt Invincible"

I've finished painting the first five of fifteen “Heroclix” Moloids I plan to use for some adventures of the 'Caped Crusader' using the ruleset “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”. Created by the Deviants in the Marvel Comics Universe, the majority of these followers of the Mole Man are the Rookie miniature from the “Critical Mass” Marvel Heroclix expansion (#001). I actually struggled to find even a single model for under £5.00 on (including postage), let alone the double figures I wanted, so they were purchased as part of a much larger order I eventually made from American Webstore Troll And Toad, and cost approximately just £0.93 each.
As part of my move away from all things "Games Workshop" these plastic Mole People were predominantly painted with Vallejo paints, with their flesh initially having an undercoat of Heavy Warmgrey before being given a liberal wash of Fleshtone Shade. Their eye goggles were painted using a combination of Gunmetal Grey and Black Shade, whilst their rock clubs were undercoated either with Heavy Bluegrey or Heavy Charcoal before also being washed with Black Shade. The Subterraneans’ loincloths were painted with Heavy Sienna. However a wash of Umber Shade proved disappointing so they were then washed with either Devlan Mud (RIP) or Agrax Earthshade; both washes/shades by Citadel (Games Worskhop).
Each model was then given a coat of Gloss Varnish by Games Workshop, before being based using a combination of Citadel’s Doombull Brown, Rakarth Flesh and Agrax Earthshade. Clumps of Citadel Static Grass were then PVA’d to the bases. Unfortunately the grass has not turned out as sporadically as I anticipated, with some of the bases being positively overgrown with flora (especially unsuitable for a race of underground cave-dwellers). As a result, I may well re-base these models over the next few weeks.
My attention over the next fortnight will now turn to painting some more Heroclix models, this time ones representing the officers of the Gotham City Police Department, including Commissioner Jim Gordon. In addition, I've also started working on a Batmobile (utilising the 1989 “Batman” movie version). The model is metal, so I've had to screw it to its base in order to ensure it removes intact.