Monday, 23 May 2011

"I Suppose You've Come For Me?"

These models are the ‘classic version’ of “Crooked Dice” Game Design Studio's "Robo-Rodent Infestation", and are sculpted by Greg Storey. As I wanted them to represent the Cybermats seen in the September 1967 Doctor Who TV story "The Tomb Of The Cybermen”, I simply drybrushed them with Boltgun Metal before painting their eyes with a combination of Skull White and Baal Red.

These models are from “Crooked Dice” Game Design Studio's "Femdroid Harem", and are sculpted by Andrew Rae. As with the sculptor’s previous model, “Pandora King”, the builds of the 28mm miniatures are very slight and don’t readily lend themselves to the ‘black-lining’ painting technique I employ. In addition, the figures’ bases, which were sanded before I started painting the models, almost completely covered over the detail of the Femdroids’ slippers; somewhat ruining the silky and fluffy aspect of the scantily-clad nighty-wearing killer robots.

FUTURE PROJECTS: Waiting in the wings are a small number of "Revell" 1/72 plastic KSK Modern German Commandos to be painted up in order to try out both the "Battlefield Evolution - Modern Warfare" rule book by "Mongoose Publishing" and the "Flying Lead" PDF by "Ganesha Games"; A party of Hyena Men (Gnolls from the "Wizards Of The Coast" "Chainmail" 28mm metal fantasy skirmish range) for "Song of Blades and Heroes"; and a "Crooked Dice" "7TV" battle report featuring ("Heroclix" versions of) the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder.