Monday, 26 August 2013

German Zombie Bombs

These 28mm metal models are two of the four  miniatures found in blister G-SOTR37 German Zombie Bombs by “West Wind Productions”. Sculpted by Andy Cooper I’m a big fan of these miniatures and really like the different explosives ‘strapped’ to the walking corpses. However I am not enamoured with the uncovered head, nor with how it turned out after my application of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with a Citadel Thrakka Green wash. Indeed having subsequently given the zombie’s detached eyeball and surrounding trauma a wash of Baal Red the facial detail seems to have completely ‘melted away’ into a bloody mess.
I’m still slowly painting several Snow Troopers by “Four A Miniatures” for an Artic ‘Cold War’ scenario using “Savage Worlds”. I’ve had a fair quantity of Drop Troopers subsequently arrive from “Four A Miniatures” and some iceberg resin scenery is waiting in the wings as well.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

More German Zombies

These 28mm metal models are the other two miniatures found in blister G-SOTR05 German Zombies (A) by “West Wind Productions”. As with my other “Secrets of the Third Reich” zombies, I used an old Citadel Foundation pot of Adeptus Battlegrey for their undercoat before washing them with Nuln Oil. However, having felt the mixture of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with Citadel’s Thrakka Green wash produced too green a hue for undead flesh, I instead used Vallejo Warm Grey on these models; producing a far subtler rotting skin effect, especially when coupled with a spattering of Citadel Wash Baal Red.
Our second game of “Weird War Two” using the “Savage Worlds Deluxe” rules by “Pinnacle Entertainment Group” went far quicker than the first, despite the British Line facing twice as many of the walking undead. This was largely due to both the Sergeant (Wild Card) and Bren-Carrier (Extra) keeping their Fear in check this time round and firing a hail of lead into the advancing cadavers. The odd Joker card turning up during Initiative (+2 to all Trait and Damage rolls) as well as a few dice ‘Acing’ made matters even worse for the German Horrors… Time to introduce some Exploding Suicide zombies next.
In the meantime I’m slowly continuing to potter on with these Snow Troopers by “Four A Miniatures”. I’ve since ordered some more of the company’s Drop Troopers (also sculpted by Adam Gayford) to use as Soviet opposition for the Allied Artic expedition.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

German Zombies

These 28mm metal models are two of the four miniatures found in blister G-SOTR05 German Zombies (A) by “West Wind Productions”. In order to ‘tie-them in’ with some previously painted “Secrets of the Third Reich” zombies I have, I returned to an old Citadel Foundation pot of Adeptus Battlegrey for their undercoat. I then gave their uniforms a second coat before washing them generously with the Citadel Shade Nuln Oil. For their decaying flesh I tried a new combination of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with a Citadel Thrakka Green wash. This made the zombies somewhat more gangrenous than I intended, but once I treated some of the more exposed areas to a wash of Baal Red I was happy with the overall effect of putrefaction.
Despite owning the “Secrets of the Third Reich” rulebook and the “Doomsday 1949” supplement, I actually plan to use these models as part of a large Axis Force for the “Savage Worlds” setting “Weird War Two” by “Pinnacle Entertainment Group”. Our first game simply consisted of a (Wild Card) Novice British Sergeant (more or less based upon the “Allied Army & Marines” pre-generated character found here: and a British Section against a small group of four german zombies, which had stumbled upon their dug-outs.

We played with a few house rules such as zombies don’t run unless they’ve been shot at and that the Allies didn’t have to make the (one-off) mandatory Fear Roll casued by their horror at encountering the walking dead unless they were about to either shoot or move towards the zombies; so backing away from the Undead wouldn’t trigger the Fear Roll but looking down the sights of a Lee Enfield No.4 would. The game went simply enough with the Allies winning without loss. This was largely thanks to the Bren gun and its Rate of Fire (3) causing 2d8 damage. However the highlight was undoubtedly ‘British Pluck’ failing to save the Sergeant from gaining ‘The Mark of Fear’. His Section will forever be unnerved by the white streak in his hair from now on…
These Snowtroopers are by “Four A Miniatures” and are part of larger project I’m putting together for a game of “Savage Worlds” set in the Artic during the Cold War.