Monday, 15 February 2021

First Few Posts Of February 2021 Posted On Wix Website

The first few postings of February 2021 are now up on the new Wix website. These include the last of my "Atomic Mass Games" 40mm super-hero models to use for Marvel Crisis Protocol, as well as the start of a painting push to finished a load of partially-painted figures by "Crooked Dice Game Design Studio".

In addition, I've posted up the first of my completed 15mm ACW plastic infantry strips by "Warlord Games", taken from their upcoming "Epic Battles: American Civil War" game for Black Powder. The models came free on the cover of Issue 393 of "Wargames Illustrated".

Lastly, I've finishing porting across both the January and February 2019 postings from this blog over to the new Wix website. Please click the link below to pay me a visit and see all the changes for yourself.