Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mech Grenadiers For “Secrets Of The Third Reich” Project

These “West Wind Productions” models are from the ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ ‘blister’ G-SOTR01 “Mech Grenadiers GWHER 45 Auto Rifles (SHS) Gas Mask Heads”. However instead of their advertised heads, they came with four field cap heads. I thought these were disappointingly poor and have subsequently bought ‘blister’ SHS-SOTR01 “German Gas Mask Heads” for all of my future Grenadiers.

All of the models were initially treated to an undercoat of Chaos Black, before their uniforms were painted with Adeptus Battlegrey and Badab Black. Their body armour was then treated to a coat of Calthan Brown and Devlan Mud. To make them stand out from one another, each of the soldiers’ headwear was painted differently. A facemask and a field cap were painted Calthan brown and Devlan Mud in order to ‘fit in’ with their body armour. Another soldier’s field cap was painted Skull White and then washed with watered-down Astronomican Grey. All of the models’ visors were painted with Skull White before being given a wash of Baal Red and then Devlan Mud.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More Red Berets Drop Upon “Secrets Of The Third Reich” Project

Inspired by repeated viewings of the 1977 film “A Bridge Too Far”, I've 'converted' a second British infantry blister from “West Wind Productions” “Secrets Of The Third Reich” range into soldiers from the British Parachute Regiment. The Bren light machine gun carrying company are part of a mini “Unternehmen Seelowe” project I've 'on the go' in order to paint a contingent of the First Airborne Division. As a result the models join a unit of four ‘Red Berets’ armed with carbine rifles, and a Recon Airbourne Transport (complete with Red Beret driver) that I painted in 2009.

The 28mm metal models are from the ‘Secrets of the Third Reich’ ‘blister’ B-SOTR01 “Heavy Section Assault Bren (SHS) Gas Mask Heads”. However four heads from the ‘Separate Head System’ ‘blister’ SHS-SOTR09 “British Para Heads In Berets With Gas Masks” were used instead of the models’ accompanying gas mask heads. Twenty of these heads are reasonably good value for £3.50.

All of the models were initially treated to an undercoat of Chaos Black, before their uniforms were painted with Dark Flesh and Devlan Mud. To make them stand out even more from regular infantry, their body armour was not painted the ‘usual’ Calthan Brown but Knarloc Green. These areas were then treated first to a wash of Thrakka Green, and then Devlan Mud. The Bren light machine guns were left Chaos Black, with the exception of the weapon’s butt and carrying handle. These areas were painted Scorched Brown and Devlan Mud. The gas mask filters were painted Knarloc Green and Devlan Mud, whilst the eye filters were simply ‘picked out’ with Boltgun Metal and Badab Black.

In order to make their famous berets especially red, the models’ headwear was first painted with Mechrite Red, before receiving a couple of generous coats of Blood Red. A strong wash of Baal Red was then applied to really make the parachute regiment stand out on the battlefield.

I've already started painting my next planned “SOTR” unit. Two of the four models comprising ‘blister’ G-SOTR24 “German Mech Grenadier SMG” have been given initial coats of Tausept Ochre, in an attempt to give their uniforms a camouflage pattern as opposed to the usual Adeptus Battlegrey and Badab Black.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Highlanders March To The “Song Of Drums And Shakos” And Pipes


Despite my enthusiasm for the Napoleonic period currently being on the wane, I've still completed three more bases of 15mm “Essex Miniatures” (just two pictured above though). My “Song of Drums and Shakos” project has recently been waylaid by efforts to paint up yet more blisters from “West Wind Productions” “Secrets of the Third Reich” range, as well as my recently purchased “Open Fire!” boxed “Flames Of War” starter set by “Battlefront Miniatures”.

Two of the Highlanders are from the ‘blister’ PNB6 “Highlander at the ready”. The Highlander bagpiper is from PNB10a “Command pack: 2 Highlander Officers, std. bearers, drummer in kilt”.

The three 95th Riflemen are from the ‘blister’ PNB11 “Rifleman advancing”. The 95th Rifleman bugler is from PNB13 “Command pack: 4 Rifleman Officers, 2 Buglers”. All of the models were undercoated with Chaos Black, before their uniforms were painted using Orkhide Shade and Thrakka Green. Their ammo pouches and some strapping were painted Calthan Brown, their faces and hands with Elf Flesh, and their rifles and some of their other straps with Dark Flesh and “Coat d’arms” Brown Ink. All of these areas were then washed with Devlan Mud. Like the Highlander models before them their water bottles were painted with a combination of Ultramarines Blue and Asurmen Blue and their backpacks with Astronomican Grey and Badab Black.

It now seems doubtful that I'll complete any further Napoleonic models in March 2010, as my painting of the fifth and final resin model from the “Flames Of War” starter set is coming to end. The German StuG G assault gun has currently only received the first of two undercoats of Tausept Ochre. Once based I plan to finish off the remaining models from “Battlefront Miniatures” OOP ‘blister’ BR722 Rifle Platoon (BEF); a project which was started in July 2004. Currently I've only finished the Command Stand, Light Mortar Team, Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Team, and half a Rifle Squad.