Saturday, 1 March 2014

"You Can't Bribe A Judge"

I've finally finished an old "Mongoose Publishing" Street Judge model which has frankly spent a couple of years sat upon one of my shelves half-painted. I actually purchased this 28mm metal miniature direct from 'Mongoose Matt', where as nowadays it can also be purchased as part of the two-figure blister JD107 Street Judges via "Warlord Games".

I've had a bit of debate with fellow wargamers as to whether the colour of Judge uniforms is actually pure black or a dark blue (as depicted in many of Judge Dredd's comic adventures). I must confess to originally trying to go with the dark blue 'highlight' idea, but quickly found the model a bit too cumbersome for my painting quality to do such a colour scheme justice, so I quite quickly reverted to the much easier and quicker "Coat D'Arms" Black for the uniform.

After a bit of trial and error I then went with "Vallejo" Heavy Grey with a "Citadel" Thrakka Green wash for the boots, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and belt. For the Judge's belt buckle, badge and chain, shoulder pad, shoulder eagle and helmet badge I used "Vallejo" Gold with a wash of tried and trusted "Citadel" Devlan Mud". Although I initially undercoated all the gold areas with Dark Flesh in order to help the gold paint's pigment coverage. The helmet's red trimming I painted using "Vallejo" Heavy Red and a glaze of "Citadel" Bloodletter. The lawgiver was simply Boltgun Metal with a wash of Nuln Oil.

I've now finished buying and basing all but a couple of the models by "West Wind Productions" which I plan to currently paint for my "Savage Worlds" "Weird War Two" setting. As I've previously mentioned although we'll be using the "Savage Worlds" rules and equipment statistics, we've turned to the "Bolt Action" Army Lists by "Warlord Games" for our Force's composition and will be using the lists from the Blitzkrieg 1940 - Fall/Battle of France threatre.
As a result I've a second unit of ten British Regular Infantry to paint up over the next few days, before I turn my attention to a Waffen-SS (Early War) squad to accompany my Heer Infantry squad. I've also got a few 'attachments' to paint as well, such as some Germans equipped with an Anti-tank rifle, a flamethrower and some submachine guns, as well as British soldiers armed with Piats and submachine guns (in order for us to quickly move our threatre of operations to Normandy 1944).   

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