Thursday, 27 March 2014

In Need Of Repair - Part One

Back in 2007 I started to paint a small Black Templar Space Marines Force in an attempt to learn the rules for "Warhammer 40K". Ultimately the project didn't really amount to much more than my painting a handful of Adeptus Astartes, a vehicle and one of my favourite "Games Workshop" models, albeit an expensive miniature even way back then, the Emperor's Champion.

Now despite my Sixth Edition of "Warhammer 40K" still remaining undisturbed within its cellophane wrapping, I have recently fancied gaming with some Space Marines using the "Savage Worlds" "Science Fiction Companion" setting, and as a result have started painting up a five-man Ultramarines Sternguard squad. As a result I've stumbled across a small cardboard box containing my old Black Templar Force and thinking it would be ever so simple to just re-base them (in order to better tie-in with the current basing scheme I use for all my models and scenery) I've set to work on them in order to do just that.

Unfortunately time has not been kind to these models, especially my Emperor's Champion, despite having spent much of the intervening years tucked away in the dark. As you can see, my quick and easy 'all-over black' colour scheme has robbed the model of many of its finer details, the super-glue connecting his backpack has perished and failed, and several scratches have scraped off the paintwork... especially along the length of his fabled black power sword. Plus the model is old enough to hark back to the days when I 'protected' all my paint jobs with a coat of PVA glue.  

As a result I thought I'd post up a small series of updates as to how I get along renovating these "Games Workshop" models, in the hope that one day they'll stand shoulder to shoulder with their Ultramarines brother space marines on the tabletop. 
In the meantime I'm also continuing to make some progress in working my way through some more "Mongoose Publishing" models from their "Judge Dredd" range.

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