Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"I Gotta Stop This Lawbreaker!"

I've painted another of my old "Mongoose Publishing" Street Judge models and, to be honest, it's proved the most challenging of their "Judge Dredd" range I've yet encountered. Certainly it's the first where I've found it necessary to get creative with green stuff and actually 'sculpt' some straps onto one of the model's knee and elbow pads. Perhaps that explains why the sculpt for the Female Street Judge on both the "Mongoose Publishing" and "Warlord Games" websites would now appear to be a completely different model to this one? Is it already out of production, as I have a spare?

As with my previous Judge models I simply painted the majority of her uniform with "Coat D'Arms" Black, and then used the combinations of "Vallejo" Heavy Grey with "Citadel" Thrakka Green for her knee pads, boots, gloves, belt and elbow pads, and "Vallejo" Gold with "Citadel" Devlan Mid for her belt buckle, badge and chain, should pad and shoulder eagle.
Having taken a brief evening's break away from painting, though not the painting table, I've based up some possible opposition for my growing Judge force, and settled upon these models as potential criminal 'wild cards' for the "Savage Worlds" "Science Fiction Companion" setting I plan to use them for. Strangely, I think one of the Punks with a heavy weapon (not the one with the heavy spit gun) has now also been replaced by "Mongoose Publishing" for a slimmer model carrying a missile launcher?


  1. Nice models! I've linked your article in my own about the Blitzer:

    1. Thanks Kadmon. Nice to see people still looking at some of these early postings. Seems like a lifetime ago when I first started work on my mobster blitzer.


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