Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wargame Model Mods - WIP - Part Two

Having waited long enough for its coat of "Citadel" Foundation Astronomican Grey to dry, I've given my entire first "Wargame-Model-Mods" commercial style building a healthy wash of Nuln Oil and, on the flooring and around the exterior buttresses, some  Agrax Earthshade; the later really helping to bring out some of the tiling detail etched onto the floor.
I've then spent some time drybrushing the building with more Astronomican Grey using an old "Royal & Langnickel" number six round brush. I'm really glad I managed to resist the temptation to 'base' the building prior to this stage of the painting.
Once finished I've sealed the entire building with a coat of PVA glue, and, having used "Gale Force Nine" green stuff basic epoxy sculpting putty to provide a better fit on the bottom of the buttresses, used more PVA to secure it to a six inch square 2mm MDF base from "Arcane Scenery & Model Supplies".

I've actually found myself rather losing focus on my painting over the past few days. This usually occurs because I've lost interest in my main project and start getting far too distracted with the mini-projects I tend to turn to as simple diversions. This isn't actually too much of a surprise as I've been predominantly painting models for my "Savage Worlds" "Weird War Two" setting for two months, and that usually is the limit of my 'don't start buying a load of new shiny lead minis for a different game' discipline. As a result I've found my painting table swamped with models from "Mongoose Publishing", "Forgeworld", "Games Workshop", Wizkids", West Wind Productions", "Ground Zero Games", "Pendraken" and even some 1/72 "Zvezda" plastics, as well as large amounts of scenery from "Ainsty", "Snapdragon" and "Minibits".
I've therefore returned the majority of these models back to their respective cardboard boxes and plastic containers, and with the exception of a couple of old(er) "Mongoose Publishing" models from their Judge Dredd range and eight "Secrets Of The Third Reich" British Infantrymen, plan to turn most of my attention prior to Salute 2014 to the "Forgeworld" converted Space Marine (now Ultramarines) Sternguard I recently purchased from


  1. Nice progress. Just need to make about 30 more ;-)

  2. Looking good mate. You'll have that table full in no time at all :)


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