Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Judge Giant Junior

I've managed to finish another of my old "Mongoose Publishing" Street Judge models. Originally I planned to use this 28mm metal miniature to represent the (late) Judge Giant, who first appeared in Prog 27 of the comic "2000 AD". However nowadays you can actually purchase the official Judge Giant figure from "Warlord Games" under code JD20007, so instead he'll be used as Judge Giant's child from the 1989 "2000 AD" story "Young Giant"; arguably "one of the best Judges in Mega-City One."

As with my previous Judge model I simply painted the majority of his uniform with "Coat D'Arms" Black, and then used the combinations of "Vallejo" Heavy Green with "Citadel" Thrakka Green for his knee pads, boots, gloves, belt and elbow pads, and "Vallejo" Gold with "Citadel" Devlan Mid for his belt buckle, badge and chain, should pad and shoulder eagle.

I must admit I really found this model hard work as some of its sculpting, or rather lack of, made painting the miniature quite difficult. Indeed some elements of the model actually appear unfinished, such as the underside of the figure's right elbow pad or the (lack of) detail on the 'squished' lawgiver.
Something which certainly doesn't lack detail is the first of my five "Games Workshop" plastic Sternguard with "Forge World" helmets. I've now gone with an Ultramarines colour scheme, all the better to fight off the Tyranid threat, and am slowly working my way up - hence the blue ink work on the model's left lower leg.

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