Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ground Zero Games Xenomorphs - Part Two

I've finished painting another three 15mm models from the several packets I bought from "Ground Zero Games" at the Colours Wargaming Show in 2013. As before these aliens are all from their six-figure bag SG15-X01 Xenomorphs and were reasonably quick to complete by simply drybrushing "Vallejo" Heavy Bluegrey over a "Coat D'Arms" Black undercoat. The models were then washed with "Citadel" Nuln Oil.

I'm especially pleased with two of these models as I originally over dry-brushed them with heavy bluegrey, so not even the heaviest of Nuln Oil washes could help soften the contrast between the grey and black. As a result I dropped the pair of them into some methylated spirit for a few days before stripping them of their paint with a scouring pad, modelling knife and an old toothbrush. Even then I wasn't wholly successful in my efforts to remove some of the paint from the models' deeper recesses, so had to resort to applying the thinnest of black undercoats upon them.    

I've also super-glued them on some old "Battlefront Miniatures" stands I own as opposed to the (far larger) 40mm x 60mm plastic rectangle I attached their predecessors. I still plan for them to be used with the "Science Fiction Companion" setting for "Savage Worlds", but it dawned on me that the smaller sizes would give me greater flexibility in deploying and moving the miniatures. In addition, at such time as I paint some "Flames Of War" models, then I'll be in a position to consider British S.A.S. verses Alien infestation. Needless to say now also I've re-based my earlier Xenomorphs as well.
I plan to start a painting challenge at the beginning of April which in essence will mean painting a small(ish) collection of models each week for a few months. As the content and scale of each weekly challenge will entirely depend upon the turn of a playing card I've already started prepping and doing a little preliminary painting on some "Mongoose Publishing" "Judge Dredd" models in anticipation of needing to finish ten 28mm models within a week. 
In addition I'm also 'soldiering on' with the first (of five) "Games Workshop" Ultramarine Sternguard. With the exception of the "Warhammer 40K" space marine's back pack I've almost finished (and washed) all of the veteran's gold and blue areas and now essentially just have a few "Vallejo" Pale Grey washes to apply to his power armour's shoulder pads and helmet.

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