Monday 10 March 2014

Wargame Model Mods - WIP - Part One

One of my purchases, having attended two Wargaming Events in eight days, has been a bag of 10 Commercial Style Buildings by "Wargame-Model-Mods". These 28mm scale wooden buildings have been a joy to construct and easily slotted together with just a little PVA glue. Indeed I've already ordered a second bag from "Pendraken Miniatures" "Minibits" webstore.

Over the next few weeks, as part of a build-up to "Salute 2014", I plan to construct, paint and base a nice collection of these buildings in order to be able to completely populate my 5' x 3' table.
Despite there being some details etched onto the buildings' tiled floors, the models themselves are rather bare. I've therefore also bought a large pot of "Vallejo" Black Lava. This "heavy paste of natural stone and black pigment" should help create the illusion that my buildings are made of concrete, as opposed to wood; especially once I paint them grey and give them a black wash.
I'm also progressing on another blister of B-SOTR05 British Commando Carbines by "West Wind Productions". These "Secrets Of The Third Reich" 28mm metal miniatures will form half the second section of infantry I want to be able to field to properly game the 'Fall Of France' with "Savage Worlds". 

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