Saturday, 2 February 2013

"From This Moment On, None Of You Are Safe"

I’m still painting a load of 28mm plastic models from the “Heroclix” range by “Wizkids” for some ‘linked’
games of “TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio” at my local club.
 My current intention is to try and capture Batman’s initial exploration of the cave system beneath Wayne Manor. Something along the lines of Frank Miller’s “Batman:Year One” but with a few differences; the most notable being the inclusion of Robin, the Boy Wonder.
 For the moment though we’re using pre-painted scenery from the Industrial Range made by “Tablescape” and using the “7TV” ruleset random generator to depict a series of clashes between the Caped Crusader and Edward Nigma.


  1. Very nice! I'll be dropping by for some inspiration for my own Batman project :)

  2. You're very welcome. Hope to get a small battle report up soon with Batman facing off against some of Gotham's finest as per Batman: year One.


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