Sunday, 3 March 2013

"Batman Is The Hero Gotham Deserves"

This 28mm plastic model is number 124 Commissioner Gordon from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. The model was re-based and despite being already pre-painted was further undercoated with a thin covering of Heavy Sienna. The trousers were then painted using Heavy Brown, whilst the policeman’s over coat was given a second layer of Heavy Sienna. Both of these ‘browns’, as well as the “Vallejo” Gold I used to pick out his trouser belt badge, were then washed with my ever-dwindling supply of “Citadel” Devlan Mud. Gordon’s shirt was painted with Heavy Bluegrey and his hair with “Citadel” Skull White. I then applied the shade Nuln Oil to both of these areas. The tie was simply given a coat of Heavy Red and heavily washed with some ‘leftover’ “Citadel” Baal Red.

Having made the decision to predominantly use the “Vallejo” range of Game and Model Color paints, following the decision by “Games Workshop” to cease production of the French-manufactured “Citadel” Foundation colours, I was in a predicament as to how to achieve a similar flesh shading effect to the one I’ve previously attained with my re-painted “Heroclix” models. In the end I went with a temporary compromise, using some of the last of my “Citadel” Tallern Flesh and Ogryn Flesh wash as the base coat, and then “Vallejo” Heavy Skintone and Fleshtone Shade for the highlights.
These three 28mm plastic models are all number 001 Gotham Policeman (Rookie) also from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. Predominantly they were painted using “Vallejo” Heavy Blue and Blue Shade for their uniforms. A few of the five models I painted had their sergeant stripes removed from their sleeves with a sharp modelling knife in order to represent less experienced cops.
I also simply ignored the silver GCPD and collar insignia on each model, simply painting over them with blue. This was done to speed up the time it took to paint the models but also because some of them suffered from a common complaint of pre-painted models; in that their detail was already close to being lost as a result of being ‘caked’ in too thick an original coat of paint.

Details such as the sergeant sleeve stripes, belt buckle and cap badge were painted using the simple technique of applying Gold to an undercoat of Heavy Sienna, and then giving the metallic areas a wash of Devlan Mud.
This 28mm plastic model is number 019 Lackey (Rookie) from the “DC Heroclix Hypertime” range by “Wizkids”. I’ve converted two of these models by removing their crowbar hand and replacing it with a gloved pistol wielding hand from the number 016 Henchman model from the “Marvel Heroclix Infinity Challenge” range.

In order to make the models stand out a little more on the gaming tabletop, I painted their woollen hats with “Vallejo” Heavy Red as opposed to the black or dark green I’ve previously used. This red was then washed with Baal Red and Devlan Mud to significantly darken down the colour.

For those interested in using Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department in their games of “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”, I simply use the Police Constable Extra profiles found within the Central Casting chapter of the “7TV” Core Rulebook with a couple of notable exceptions. James Gordon is simply an upgraded Police Constable and so gains the Leader (1) effect, whilst all the models gain the basic weapon Pistol (4+).

In order to keep things similarly simple for the gunmen I use the ‘Eavy Extra profile, and again just give each of the hired muscle a Pistol (4+) attack.


  1. Nice simple rule changes. I've done similar for some of spy stories I plan on eventually getting round to. I've read of people stripping clix figures but haven't tried it personally. Its all time vs effect Is suppose.

  2. I don't strip the models myself as the paint tends to make a good undercoat for my painting style. Having said that though I have thrown a few out when they've already got a thick coat of paint on them as they're useless to me :-(


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