Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pendraken Miniatures WW2 Soviets - SV29

Having been badly distracted in recent months by playing "The Lord of the Rings" skirmish game by "Games Workshop", "7TV" by "Crooked Dice" and most recently "Dwarf King's Hold" by "Mantic Games", I've finally got back to doing some painting. Though the imminent withdrawal of all the GW Foundation paints and washes I've come to enjoy using has dampened that enthusiasm somewhat... Hence I'm using their departure as an excuse to turn to using Vallejo paints for my future projects.

My current plan for this coming month however is to 'paint up' a few more World War Two 10mm units and scenery by "Pendraken Miniatures" (using my existing GW paints). I'm actually hoping to refight the crossing of the Przemysl Bridge (Poland) and the start of Operation Barbarossa as a series of campaigns.

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