Saturday, 20 October 2012

Brother Blog For 10mm Projects

In order to try and maintain a bit of motivation, I've created a second blog that will concentrate on a number of 10mm projects I plan to complete over the next few years. Essentially a mass armies affair, I hope to use it to record my excusions into the world of "Pike and Shotte", "Black Powder" and "Hail Caesar".

First up is the English Civil War, using "Pendraken Miniatures" with the "Pike and Shotte" rule set. The new blog can be found here:

I also hope to give this blog a good many updates in the run up to Christmas, largely thanks to the "Mongoose Publishing" Judge Dredd and "Mantic Games" Dreadball Kickstarters. But also some "Heroclix", "Crooked Dice" and "Project Pandora" stuff I've been pottering with on and off.

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