Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Don't Look Away, And Don't Blink."

These “Crooked Dice” models are from the ‘Scary Statue Coven'.

All of the models were initially treated to an undercoat of Chaos Black, before being simply drybrushed with Adeptus Battlegrey and (to a lesser extent) Astronomican Grey. Odd drops of Devlan Mud were then washed into some of the detail, to give the statues a more decayed feel.

Their bases were first given a coat of modelling sand and then painted Chaos Black. The bases were then drybrushed with Dark Flesh and Dheneb Stone, before being washed with Devlan Mud. Finally clumps of static grass was added.

COMING SOON - These models are also from "Crooked Dice" and are from the Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob'. They are part of a small number of models I've assembled to (hopefully) represent members of the Unit Nations Intelligence Task (UNIT) Force who accompanied Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor in the January 1970 Doctor Who TV Seven-parter "The Cave Monsters". As a result, I've given one something of a moustache...

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