Saturday, 27 August 2011

Operation Typhoon - Part One

This series of articles and battle reports (using a homemade quick play rule set) will initially cover the Third Reich’s invasion of Russia from October – December 1941. The 10mm metal models and the majority of resin scenery are by “Pendraken Miniatures”. The paints used are predominantly “Citadel Foundation” and “Citadel Washes” from “Games Workshop”.

Having decided to play a series of weekly skirmishes over the next month to ‘test-out’ my quick play rule set, I thought the opening confrontation should be a simple small battle on a 4 x 4 table, with both armies only fielding five formations each, most of which will be infantry (of varying quality).

This should give me enough time to get the necessary miniatures painted, and provide me with enough models per side for a reasonable (hour-long) game. I can then add to these ‘core’ formations over the next few weeks, creating larger (and longer) battles.

I have first turned my attention to the Soviet Army, and already painted up all the models needed for a formation of Conscripts. These five stands are predominantly made up of the two poses found within “Pendraken Miniatures” World War Two Russian selection SV29 Riflemen, winter equipment. Each stand also contains a single model from SV35 Commissar with megaphone (in order to keep the inexperienced soldiers in line when the going gets tough).

The soldiers were undercoated with Calthan Brown, and then washed with Devlan Mud, before being dry-brushed with more Calthan Brown. The models’ face and hands were then picked out with Tallarn Flesh, and their rifles’ with Dark Flesh. Both of these areas were then washed with Devlan Mud. The rifle barrels and the Commissar’s megaphone were painted with Boltgun metal and then washed with Badab Black. The Commissar and the Conscripts’ helmets were painted with Knarloc Green, before being washed with Thraka Green. The Commissar was then dry-brushed with more Knarloc Green.

I next plan to paint a formation of Soviet Regular Infantry. These will consist of three stands of five models, plus two support stands (Mortar and Machinegun).

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