Monday, 29 August 2011

Operation Typhoon - Part Three

This Soviet armour formation consists of three packets of SV58 T26 tank. The models were simply undercoated with Knarloc Green, before being washed with Thraka Green and then dry-brushed with more Knarloc Green. The light infantry tanks’ tracks were painted Boltgun Metal over a Chaos Black undercoat, before being washed with Badab Black. The red stars come from “Pendraken Minatures” decal range PNDC6 Russian Stars, whilst the tank numbers are from PNDC7 Russian tank numbers red/white.

I'm just finishing off my fifth (and momentarily final) Soviet formation, with some veteran infantry (identical to my Russian Regulars except they'll be accompanied by the Soviet flag). Then it'll be on to the Germans, with some of their formations already 'in the can' from my BKC days - although a few require repainting as I now dislike the all white winter clothing I've previously painted them in (and some have bizarrely discoloured a pinkish brown over the months!?!).

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