Friday, 7 October 2011

Colours 2012 - "Micro Armour Marathon Begins"

Held on 10th and 11th September 2011 at Newbury Racecourse, Berkshire, “Colours 2011” lead to a series of purchases I’m determined to have fully painted before the annual show returns in 2012.

The show has also resulted in several subsequent purchases, most notably from “Wargames Emporium” and “Pendraken Miniatures”. In addition I’ve also added a collection of 15mm fantasy models from “Copplestone Castings” as they arrived through the post at the time of “Colours”.

This means that over the next twelve months I plan to ‘paint up’:

(1) ‘Modern British Combat Team’ and ‘Modern Mujahadin/Al Qaeda Combat Team’ Micro Armour boxed sets by “GHQ”; as well as several additional infantry packs I’ve bought from “Wargames Emporium” in order to bulk out the forces for a game of “Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat” by “Mongoose games”.
(2) ‘British Expeditionary Force (WW2)’ 10mm packet and some accompanying ‘Bren Carriers’ and resin scenery; as well as some additional infantry and vehicles I’ve bought from “Pendraken Miniatures” in order to start battling for Norway in 1940.
(3) A selection of 20mm ‘Arnhem’ British WW2 models (including personality commanders) and German Gebirgsjäger from “Friend or Foe” figures.
(4) 6mm ‘Middle East Buildings’ set from “Baccus”.
(5) 32mm ‘Bushido – The Savage Wave’ starter set and ‘Bobata, the Bell Ringer’ from “GCT Studios”.
(6) 15mm ‘Barbarian Heroes’, ‘Northlander Warriors with Swords’ and ‘Northlander Warriors with Axes’ by “Copplestone Castings”; inspired by the excellent “Crom” homemade rule set and articles that can be found over at ‘Matakishi’s Tea House’ website (

The ‘Conan the Barbarian’ figure is one of the several male models found within FM1 ‘Barbarian Heroes’ by “Copplestone Castings”, and seemed an ideal representation of Robert E. Howard’s fantasy warrior. The majority of the model was simply painted using a combination of Tallarn Flesh, followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. The loincloth and fur boots were also treated to a liberal helping of Devlan Mud, having been painted Dark Flesh first. The bracelets were picked out with Dwarf Bronze over a Dark Flesh undercoat, and then also washed with Devlan Mud. The sword was simply painted Boltgun Metal, washed with Badass Black and then drybrushed with more Boltgun Metal.

The Micro Armour British Infantrymen will represent the Corporal in charge of a Rifleman Section for a planned confrontation between one of the best trained military forces in the world and the Middle Eastern Alliance using “Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat” by “Mongoose games”. The models were simply undercoated with Knarloc Green, before being washed with Devlan Mud. The faces and hands were then picked out with Tallarn Flesh and the boots and rifles with Chaos Black. Ogryn Flesh was then washed over the face and hands.

COMING SOON - I'm currently painting up another company of Russian Regular Infantry (with Machine Gun and Mortar Support) and Panzer Mark I tanks for the second battle of Operation Typhoon. Plus more British Micro Armour Infantry, and another barbarian hero to accompany 'Conan' - Robert E. Howard's Red Sonja.

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