Tuesday, 6 December 2011

British Sixth Airborne Division - Part One

These 20mm metal ‘British Para’s with Stens’ come from the “Friend & Foe” bag BP5. They come with the option of either wearing berets or camouflaged helmets. The models are somewhat crudely sculpted (e.g. large paw-like hands with tiny heads) but have a definite charm to them, and certainly look good on the table once fully painted and based.

The models base uniform colour is Calthan Brown washed with Devlan Mud. However to ‘fudge’ the impression of a camouflaged jacket (in order to get the miniatures on the table fast), these areas were also then washed with Thrakka Green. The ankle armour was painted with Dheneb Stone and Devlan Mud, whilst the soldiers’ webbing and pouches were painted using Knarloc Green, Thrakka Green and Devlan Mud.

The sten guns were simply painted Boltgun Metal, and then washed with Badass Black, whilst the flesh areas with Tallarn Flesh and Ogryn Flesh. The berets were treated to a thick coat of Mechrite Red before being given a heavy wash of Baal Red. The helmets were painted with Orkhide Shade, with the camouflage fronds being picked out with Dark Flesh. These areas were then washed with Thrakka Green and Devlan Mud.

Next in the queue are a unit of six Para’s advancing with Lee-Enfield Rifles; part of planned British Sixth Airborne Division I’ve bought in order to capture Pegasus Bridge. The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot that the models are sat upon some Hexon Terrain by Kallistra, and that can only mean one thing… I’m starting a project in order to recreate the opening scenario for Memoir ’44 by Days Of Wonder in 20mm. Utter madness.

COMING SOON – I’ve always wanted a 28mm Napoleonic Army, and finally at Warfare in Reading in November 2011 I bit the bullet, and bought some plastic Austrians and French by Victrix. Further inspired by David Brown’s battle report in this month’s Wargames Illustrated I also purchased enough Hexon scenery to recreate the Fontanone stream and viola… The Battle of Marengo will be coming soon (even if it does mean breaking my sacred law that thou shalt not game with unpainted miniatures).

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