Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Battle of Marengo Project - Part Four

Finished the second base of four French Fusiliers from the 28mm plastic boxed set ‘French Napoleonic Infantry 1804 – 1807’ by “Victrix”, and I have a third well on its way. Unfortunately my progress on these plastic models has been slightly delayed after I realised that one of the straps at the back of the soldiers should have been brown (as it was on the front of each Fusilier) instead of white. As a result some careful repainting has taken place.

In addition, the sculpting on one of the models appeared to have the soldier’s left turn back melt into some strapping and leg. My white colour scheme just made the site look odd, so I’ve subsequently glued a black pouch over the area and this has adequately hidden the problem from view.

I’ve glued together another drummer for the Command base, having thought of a simple way to paint the drum and all of its ropes etc. A coat of Khemri Brown and Devlan Mud wash has really brought out the instrument’s detail, As the model will be tucked away beside a standard bearer at the rear of the stand, I think that’ll suffice (with the odd blue piping etc). I’ve also changed my mind regarding the composition of the Command base, and now plan for it to consist of a drummer, standard-bearer, officer and Porte-Aigle.

COMING SOON – In order to see how easy my painting style copes with the new “Victrix” Napoleonic Austrians, I’ve ‘boxed in” all the white areas on these four Fusiliers. I don’t plan to finish painting these until the New Year, although with just a couple of hours more work I reckon they could be finished.

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