Saturday, 31 December 2011

British Sixth Airborne Division - Part Two

Finally finished and based a unit of six Para’s advancing with Lee-Enfield Rifles by "Friend and Foe"; part of my planned British Sixth Airborne Division. I managed to crack on with these whilst listening to the November 2008 Memoir44 Podcast that actually covers the Pegasus Bridge scenario. It’s a pity the show stopped with Scenario Seven in August 2009. Here’s the link

COMING SOON – I’ve based the second of my FM1 ‘Barbarian Heroes’ by “Copplestone Castings”. This time a female warrior who seems an ideal representation of Robert E. Howard’s Red Sonja. I’ll need to get cracking on these in the New Year as the range is expanding quite quickly and I’m way behind already. In addition I’m working on a Radio Operator for my British Sixth Airborne Division, as well as Major John Howard himself. As you can see the head I’ve chosen for him has a fault over one eye, which I’m hoping to turn into a monocle in order to give the DSO awarded war hero a touch of ‘stiff upper lip, wot’.

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