Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Battle of Marengo Project - Part Five

Painting has started in earnest upon three of the four “Victrix” plastic 28mm models I plan to use for the Command base of my first battalion of Napoleonic French Line Infantry. The paint schemes will be based upon the uniform plates found for the Standard-Bearer and Grenadier Drummer within “Austerlitz – The Empire at its Zenith” by “Histoire & Collections”, and that of a Lieutenant in winter quarters dress, 1810 in “The French Imperial Guard – The Foot Soldiers 1804-1815 also by “Histoire & Collections”. I hope to have both the Officer and Standard-Bearer finished within the next few days, in order to focus my attention on the stand’s Drummer and Porte-Aigle.

I'm currently basing up my third stand of four Fusiliers, so once the Command base has been completed I'll have already attained my monthly commitment of painting eight Napoleonic models per month for January. That will leave me a good three weeks clear for my painting to concentrate on some of the other projects I ended up putting to one side in 2011; projects such as doing Robert E. Howard's "Hyborian Age" using 15mm “Copplestone Castings", or "Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat" using 6mm “GHQ Micro-Armour”, or even "Force on Force" using the 28mm models of “Empress Miniatures". Decisions decisions.

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