Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Battle of Marengo Project - Part Six

I've finally based a third stand of Napoleonic French Line Infantry by “Victrix", having had them standing around for a few days. I hope their completition will now let me more tightly focus my painting on two of the four 28mm models I plan to use for the French Command base (i.e. officer and standard bearer).

The pair of miniatures have previously been fighting for my attention alongside a couple of 20mm metal World War Two models by “Friend And Foe”, as well as some other plastic “Victrix” French Infantry models that required their white areas to be boxed in. However, both of the “Friend And Foe” British Paratroopers (‘Officer with map pointing’ and ‘Radio operator’ from their Command bag) have now been fully painted and glossed, whilst three of the four “Victrix” Fusiliers have had their initial white areas finished (in preparation for each soldier to be fully painted next month).

COMING SOON - I've undercoated a further four “Friend And Foe” 20mm British Airborne Division models (predominatly from their Rifle Firing bag) with Calthan Brown in order to continue the slow-time progress of my Memoir 44 Project, but probably more importantly have started to prepare a number of “GHQ Micro-Armour” Modern British infantry, vehicles and armour so I can give my “Battlefield Evolution" project a big push (hopefully) later this month.

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