Saturday, 3 November 2012

Red Devils

Some six months after I first started painting them I've finally finished the three “Red Devils” by “Fantasy Flight”. I've struggled with my enthusiasm for this £8.99 30mm plastic boxed set (ordered from "Maelstorm Games") as I've found both the sculpting on the "Dust Tactics" models to be ‘soft’ and some of their details impossibly hard to reach with a paintbrush. As a result the majority of each soldier has simply been painted with “Vallejo” Heavy Grey and an equal mix of Umber Shade and Black Shade wash.
Fortunately the models have somewhat been improved by applying some allied decals I recently purchased from the Ebay store “1/144 Direct”. Costing £6.30 (including postage and packaging) the 1/144 - 1/160 Decals British Armour Divisions Europe 44-45 Tank 001” sheet has enabled me to give each model a 20” allied star on its armour, along with its arms of service serial number (in this case the Armed Recon Regiment), its bridge classification plate (2 tons) and its squadron marking (Senior Regiment 'A'). I've tried to place these decals on the 'armoured' models in the spirit of British military tank markings.

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