Sunday, 18 November 2012

Blutkreuz Korps Untertoten Squad

I've managed to complete my Blutkreuz Korps Untertoten Squad, and enjoyed painting these "Dust Tactics" models so much that I've ordered a second boxed set off Ebay.
 The models are predominantly painted in “Vallejo” Heavy Orange and then liberally washed with Umber Shade in order to give them the 'penal inmate look' I wanted. I then gave their flesh a coat of Heavy Bluegrey and a wash of Green Shade. I 'picked out' some of their facial details with more Heavy Bluegrey, and then slightly smudged them so as to lessen their stark contrast with the areas washed with the Green Shade. Each "Axis Zombie" was then given a mouthful of bloody guck that dripped down their front, using a combination of Fleshtone Shade and Red Shade. Each model’s panzer glove was painted with Gunmetal Grey before being washed with Black Shade. The rivets and fittings of the close combat weapons were then treated to a wash of watered down Copper. Once dry, these areas were dry brushed with more Gunmetal Grey.
 My enthusiasm for the “Dust Tactics” range continues to go from strength to strength although I have experienced some initial doubts as to the colour I've selected for the “Grim Reapers” armour. The box artwork for the Allied unit clearly depicts light grey attire, but having applied a similarly coloured undercoat to the models, the Heavy Ranger Attack Squad appeared too close to the Early Panzer Grey scheme ordinarily attributed to German forces. This was despite the Rocket punching troopers wearing armour almost identical to that of the “Red Devils”. I have attempted to use Heavy Brown as an alternative, but shelved this idea after it made the Victory MG dual wielding soldiers appear too like the German ‘Afrika Korps’. Instead, I've now undercoated all three models in Heavy Grey in order to replicate the colour of the “Red Devils”, and establish a consistent green-brown look to all of my “Dust Tactics” Allied Forces.   

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