Saturday, 2 March 2013

"Atomic Batteries To Power"

This is the first in a series of games I've set during the caped crusader’s early years, using “7TV” by “Crooked Dice Game Design Studio”. In this opening engagement Batman and Robin are searching a warehouse for clues as to the secret lair of Edward Nygma. Unfortunately for the dynamic duo, the Riddler has dispatched a number of his men to the same building to ensure no such hints as to his hidden location exist.
Prologue: Having driven the Batmobile into the warehouse and gone their separate ways looking for evidence, the game actually started with only Robin being on the table. The boy wonder would need to roll a 4+ at the end of the turn to see if the dark knight was going to make an appearance. To make matters worse, the vast majority of the Riddler’s ‘Eavies immediately appeared at the opposite quarter of the 2x2 foot table.
Turn One: Automatically gaining the first turn’s initiative, the ‘Eavies started to fan out into the warehouse. Only one was carrying a pistol, so he quickly made his way beside some large pipes with a good view of a clue that had been inadvertently left on the floor in the centre of the building. Meanwhile another ‘Eavy, this time armed with a crowbar, dashed past the piping towards a second clue. Alone, but armed with his trusty battle stave, Robin moved towards the centre of the warehouse, ensuring the crates blocked any line of sight of the ‘Eavy armed with a pistol.
Turn Two: As there was no sign of Batman, three ‘Eavies decided to teach Robin a hard lesson, and rushed the youngster with their crowbars. Only “Luck” and “Dodge” saved the ‘dependable deputy’ from falling, and even then he only survived with one hit intact. A crack on the nose with his unwieldy two-handed weapon took one of the ‘hired muscle’ down but the brightly costumed crime-fighter was in trouble.
Turn Three: A bat-a-rang in the back of another ‘Eavy’s ‘ead announced the arrival of Batman, and with a heroic surge the ‘million dollar marvel’ was using some barrels as cover and dispatching the final ‘Eavy menacing Robin with another of his throwing weapons. Inspired by the presence of his benefactor, the boy wonder also heroically surged and snatched the clue up from the middle of warehouse before darting back into cover beside Batman.

Turn Four: Furious at the youngster’s boldness, the ‘Eavy armed with a pistol vaulted over the piping, and started shooting at the dynamic duo. And whilst bullets whizzed off of the barrels the caped crusaders were sheltering behind, another small party of ‘Eavies approached them; one snatching up a third (and final) clue en route.

Turn Five: Finally finding the presence of mind to actually aim his weapon, the ‘Eavy with a pistol sent Robin reeling with a shot, and the boy wonder was out of the game for good. Sensing victory, the closest of the ‘Eavies then charged Batman, claiming the clue Robin had dropped as he fell, and also causing the dark knight to grimace as a crowbar struck his cowled head.
Final Turn: Incensed by the injury to his ward, Batman flattened the ‘Eavy trying to ‘steal’ away the clue obtained by Robin, and promptly recovered it for himself. But in doing so was unable to reach the other ‘Eavies who had earlier picked up the other two clues within the warehouse.

Aftermath: Amazingly, despite the loss of Robin, the ‘scuffle in the warehouse’ had proved a draw. Batman’s single clue proved to be as valuable a piece of evidence as the combined total of the two clues recovered by the Riddler’s ‘Eavies.
BATMAN (Million Dollar Marvel)
Move: 6   Defence: 5   Hits: 3   Strength: 5   Agility: 5   Intelligence: 4   Morale: 5
Basic Special Effects: Luck (2)
Additional Special Effects: Body Armour, Heroic Surge, Fists of Fury, Daring Leap, Leader (1) and Gadgets
Attacks: Brawl/Unarmed and Sling

ROBIN (Dependable Deputy)
Move: 6   Defence: 4   Hits: 2   Strength: 3   Agility: 5   Intelligence: 4   Morale: 3
Basic Special Effects: Luck (1), Sidekick and Disarm
Additional Special Effects: Plucky, Dodge and Heroic Surge
Attacks: Brawl/Unarmed and Two handed-Weapon


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    1. Many thanks. Gone fully over to 7TV with all my genres, so expect some more Batman soon as well as some that may take you by surprise :-)


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