Monday, 26 August 2013

German Zombie Bombs

These 28mm metal models are two of the four  miniatures found in blister G-SOTR37 German Zombie Bombs by “West Wind Productions”. Sculpted by Andy Cooper I’m a big fan of these miniatures and really like the different explosives ‘strapped’ to the walking corpses. However I am not enamoured with the uncovered head, nor with how it turned out after my application of Vallejo Heavy Kakhi with a Citadel Thrakka Green wash. Indeed having subsequently given the zombie’s detached eyeball and surrounding trauma a wash of Baal Red the facial detail seems to have completely ‘melted away’ into a bloody mess.
I’m still slowly painting several Snow Troopers by “Four A Miniatures” for an Artic ‘Cold War’ scenario using “Savage Worlds”. I’ve had a fair quantity of Drop Troopers subsequently arrive from “Four A Miniatures” and some iceberg resin scenery is waiting in the wings as well.


  1. Really like the snow trooper. Sounds good, Look forward to seeing the drop troopers

  2. Many thanks. Commander Hudson will be a Wild Card, leading a party of US Marines and Submariners for the game. I'm just basing him whilst painting up a British and (ex) Russian spy codenamed "Patrick" and "Ernest"; they'll also be Wild Cards (for Savage Worlds Deluxe).


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