Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Somewhat Late "Savage Worlds" New Year's Resolution

I've started work on a twelve-month project to try and concentrate exclusively on wargaming, painting and modelling using the "Savage Worlds Deluxe" rule-set by "Pinnacle Entertainment Group". I've made this 2014 Resolution after realizing I've done nothing but purchase a string of unread rule books, unopened board games and unpainted miniatures (predominantly through "Kickstarter.com") over the past few months.

Initially all my attention will be remain directed towards the "Weird Wars: Weird War Two" setting and campaign book I've previously gamed with. Once I've painted enough miniatures for this setting though I plan to expand into other 'Pinnacle Explorer's Editions' such as the "Horror Companion", "Fantasy Companion" and "Super Powers Companion"; as well as other titles such as "Achtung! Cthulhu" by "Modiphius" and the recently published PDF, "Weird Wars Rome" (a successful Shane Hensley kickstarter I backed last year).

First on the painting table are eight 28mm metal models from the "West Wind Productions" blister pack G-SOTR10 - German Zombie Horde In Helmets. These walking Undead from the "Secrets Of The Third Reich" range should provide some additional resilience to my current sixteen-strong Horrors of Weird War Two horde. In addition I'm just assembling four miniatures from the blister SOV-SOTR18 Soviet Zombie Horde to use as Mustard Gas Breath Zombies, and another four German Zombies that I hope to convert using green-stuff to represent Drownlings (waterlogged zombies).  

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