Monday, 27 January 2014

First Models Of 2014 Finished

This single model from the Snow Trooper Set by "Four A Miniatures" and the fourth (and final) miniature from the blister G-SOTR37 German Zombie Bombs by "West Wind Productions" have become the first models I've actually finished in 2014. This is despite my New Year's Resolution to paint eight (or the equivalent in other scales) 28mm miniatures per month. Indeed I must confess I'm not even off to that a good a start as these sculpts by Adam Gayford and Andy Cooper respectively, only required a little snow/grass flocking to be glued onto their bases, having actually been painted and gloss varnished a few months ago.
I've finally painted up enough models to complete the first of my Zombie Horror squads for "Weird Wars Weird War Two". This setting and campaign book for "Savage Worlds" doesn't seem to actually list the composition rules for such a group, so I've based them upon the numbers of infantrymen (and MG34 machine-gunner) listed for a Wehrmacht Infantry squad pre-1943. That is ten Zombies and one exploding zombie. Ultimately I hope to have painted enough for the three squads required in order to form a full platoon, accompanied by Wehrwolves, Drownlings and Mustard Gas Breath zombies.


  1. Many thanks. Loads more Zombies coming, as I'm in a painting mood at the moment, but I'm still going to need all the help I can get to try and paint eight models per month.


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