Sunday, 26 January 2014

Some British WIP Reinforcements: Dingo Mk II Scout Car

This British Daimler Dingo Mark II Scout Car was actually bought some years ago, well before "Warlord Games" developed their "Bolt Action" range. It's finally being prepared for painting in order for me to be able to field a wider variety of personnel and equipment on the tabletop that I can attach to an Allied Force in "Weird Wars Weird War Two".

With my current range of painted models the only real options I have to accompany the heroes are a Heavy Machine Gun, as well as the possibility of them encountering some lost/straggler US Army Infantry and British Commandos whilst on the battlefield.

In the future I plan for the the Wild Cards to have the opportunity to utilize a number of British vehicles for their missions, such as driving to their objective in a Flying Standard 10' "Tilly" truck, or receiving some tank support from either an A11 Matilda I Infantry Tank or a Vickers Light Tank Mark VIb.
In the meantime I'm almost halfway through painting up my latest batch of models from the "West Wind Productions" blister pack G-SOTR10 - German Zombie Horde in Helmets.


  1. The car looks promising, Loving the zeds though.

  2. Many thanks. There aren't any squad composition rules for German Zombies in Weird War II which I can see, so I'm aiming for a full platoon of zeds comprising of three squads of 10 normal zombies and an exploding zombie. Can't have enough Undead :-)


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