Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pendraken Miniatures English Civil War Cuirassiers

This 40mm x 30mm stand of English Civil War Heavy Horse is actually the third such base I’ve painted over the past eighteen months for my long suffering and far from complete 10mm Royalist Army. All the models are from "Pendraken Miniatures" code EC11 Cuirassier.

In order to ‘tie-in’ with the rest of my King’s Lifeguard forces, the models were initially undercoated with “Vallejo” Gunmetal Grey and then washed with Black Shade. I then dry brushed the cavalry soldiers’ armour, helmets and swords with more Gunmetal Grey. Their helmet plumes were painted with Heavy Red and washed with Red Shade, and their boots picked out with Heavy Ochre and Umber Shade. For the horses I simply undercoated them either “Vallejo” White or Heavy Sienna and then washed them entirely with some more Umber Shade.

 I’ve still got a handful more of these 6mm "GHQ" "Micro Armour" miniatures to paint and base, but I’ve finally finished enough to start basing up the majority of my Fedayeen Squad SVU sniper rifle and AT-13 Sexhorn-2 anti-tank missile system stands.

 I've also managed to start using “Citadel” Abaddon Black to help pick out some of the detail on three models from the "Empire Of The Dead" boxed set EOTD-07 London Bobbies. I'm actually in a bit of quandary with these 28mm miniatures by "West Wind Productions", as I am not sure how best to bring out the dark ‘Bobbie” blue of their uniform and capes. In the past with such subject matter I’ve either undercoated them black and then dry brushed them dark blue, or simply painted them dark blue and applied a dark blue wash.

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