Monday, 28 September 2020

Few More Posts And Updates On New Wix Website

More "Alternative Armies" Elementals Have Been Added To The New Wix Website 

With a couple more new postings of finished miniatures having been posted up recently on the new Wix website, I've started the lengthy task of transferring some of my earliest articles across as well - starting with a retitled Monthly Musing from 2010, which focuses upon a 15mm Napoleonic "Black Powder" project I started (and disappointingly never finished).

I have though been somewhat hampered in my efforts by Blogger suddenly reverting to pure HTML whilst I'm looking at my pages' content, randomly realigning my paragraphs and haphazardly changing the fonts of previous postings...

In addition, the top of the website now contains links to this (old) Blogger site and a brief summary of "Fantorical" since its start as a printed 'fanzine' way back 2003. Going forward the plan is to create some more of these additional pages covering subjects such as purchases, "Kickstarters", shows and painting projects.


  1. I like the new web=page and the new stuff (undead Judges!), but do I have to sign up to the blog to be able to comment ?

    1. Hi Joe. Yes. You sign up to Wix just like you would Blogger or WordPress etc. Once done though you should be able to save your password so you don't have to again. Wix is interesting as I'll see if you're on my site and we can actually have a discussion online if needed/wanted etc.


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