Monday, 21 March 2022

First Few Posts Of March 2022 Posted On Wix Website

The first few postings of March 2022 are now up on the Wix website which replaced this blog just over a year ago. These include the start of a "Brigade Models" 2mm British Land Ironclads force, some more 15mm ACW plastic infantry strips by "Warlord Games", taken from their "Epic Battles: American Civil War" game for Black Powder, and plenty of Weird War Two walkers using the Battletech models produced by "Catalyst Game Labs."

In addition, I'm continuing to grow my "Flames Of War" German Beach Defence Company with a platoon of sMG34 Machine-gun teams. These'll be following by more Panzergrenadiers, a pair of 7.5cm Tank-Hunter teams and a handful of Panzer IVs…

Lastly, I've finished porting across both the January-May 2019 postings from this blog over to the new Wix website. Please click the link below to pay me a visit and see all the changes for yourself.

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