Thursday 27 July 2023

Final Few Posts Of July 2023 Posted On Wix Website

The final few postings of July 2023 are now up on the Wix website which replaced this blog a couple of years ago. These include a handful more 28mm "Doctor Who" monster figures by "Black Tree Design", another strip of 15mm ACW plastic Confederate infantry from "Warlord Games" Epic Battles range, and another 28mm Sons of Horus tactical Space Marine from my "Games Workshop Horus Heresy boxed set.

Furthermore, I'm continuing to grow my 10mm "Pendraken Miniatures" Early War project with an Axis Panzer III tank. I'm planning on featuring period of the Second World War in a Battle Report soon, along with another focusing upon my ongoing Battle of the Bulge campaign.

Lastly, I've even completed a bit of scenery for a future game of second edition "Frostgrave" by "Osprey Publishing". Please click the link below to pay me a visit and see all the updates for yourself.

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