Saturday, 2 April 2011

“Don't Worry, Brigadier. People Will Be Shooting At You Soon."

Corn Dolls, Femdroids, Robo-Rodents, Minions and Scary Statues are due to be launched against the planet Earth during the next four weeks, and nothing but a College Professor, his Sidekicks, some Astronauts and some Minions of his own stand in their way…

These models are from "Crooked Dice" Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob'. They are part of a small number of models I have been assembled to (hopefully) represent members of the Unit Nations Intelligence Task (UNIT) Force who accompanied Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor in the January 1970 Doctor Who TV Seven-parter "The Cave Monsters". Because the story features the military organisation hunting for Silurians in the caves of Wenley Moor two of the models simply consist of (Hardhat) Human Heads on Armed Minion Bodies. Though clearly their Scientific Advisor has been tinkering with their rifles…

As their leader had to be Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, one of the (hardhat) Human Heads was given something of a green-stuff moustache. This is somewhat larger than that of the TV character, but I wanted him to stand out from a distance. In addition, his pose needed to be different to that of his soldiers, so I used an Unarmed Minion body instead. Even that though, wasn’t enough to make the model stand out as much as I wanted, so I chopped his right hand off, and swapped it with the datapad hand from one of the Game Design Studio’s ARC Astronauts. The datapad was then painted as if it was a folded map of the cave system/collection of papers.

The soldiers’ uniforms were simply painted using Dheneb Stone, and their pouches with Dark Flesh. Both areas were then given a wash of Devlan Mud. Their helmets were painted Skull White and washed with watered down Astronimicon Grey. The models’ skin was treated to an undercoat of Tallarn Flesh, before being highlighted with Elf Flesh. These areas were then washed using Ogryn Flesh. The soldiers’ weapons were painted with Boltgun metal and Badab Black.

COMING SOON - Continuing my "Crooked Dice" themed month, these models are from the Game Design Studio's 'ARC Astronaut' range, and include Melody Lake. I've assembled these models to represent some of the explorers who accompanied David Tennant's Tenth Doctor in the May 2008 Doctor Who TV story "Silence In The Library". As a result, two of them are called Dave, but which is the proper one...

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