Thursday, 28 April 2011

"They're Made Of Plastic. Living Plastic Creatures."

Two of these models are from "Crooked Dice" Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob'. They are actually “Unarmed Minions” but were first ‘converted’ with their sprues’ optional pistol hand, and then given two coats of Fenris Grey (and a wash of Asurmen Blue). This was in order to give the impression that they were wearing boiler suits (similar to those worn by the Autons in the January 1970 Doctor Who TV story “Spearhead From Space”). Their Emotionless Mannequin heads were painted with Tallarn Flesh, before their face plates and ears were highlighted with Elf Flesh. Both of these areas were then washed using Ogryn Flesh.

This simple ‘single-colour’ painting scheme was also applied to 'Pandora King' (Also by "Crooked Dice Design Studio), but this time I used Adeptus Battlegrey and a wash of Badab Black.
I planned earlier this month to simply turn these four of Cooked Dice’s “Advancing ARC Astronauts” into versions of the Doctor Who ‘monster’ the Vashta Nerada by simply picking out their space helmets’ visors with Chaos Black. However in a moment of madness I changed my simple plan and decided I'd try to actually show the creatures skull heads. So instead I removed all of their astronaut heads, and replaced with some plastic skulls taken from the old Games Workshop PBS5 Skeleton Army Boxed Set.

However, I quickly shelved my other idea to replace some of the astronauts’ hands and limbs with some taken from the Skeleton Army box after just the first ‘conversion’. The plastic skeletal fist proved just too difficult to superglue ‘securely’ to the 28mm metal miniature, and as a result, I repositioned the figure’s arm (in an uninspiring pose) in order to ensure the fist was securely fastened to the rest of the model.

My hopes to quickly paint the models up using a watered down wash of Astronomicon Grey over the top of their Skull White Spacesuits also proved disappointingly unrealistic, owing to the number of buttons requiring ‘picking out’ on the figures’ breathing apparatus.
COMING SOON - Currently recovering from a 'flesh-wound' received at Wenley Moor, this Captain will prove to be the Brigadier's dependable deputy...

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