Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"I Take It You're Another Member Of The U.N.I.T. Team?"

This model is from “Crooked Dice” Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob', and has been painted alongside two more ‘hard-hatted soldiers’ in order to bolster my Unit Nations Intelligence Task (UNIT) Force. As this miniature is going to represent the military organisation’s Scientific Advisor, Doctor John Smith, I gave him one of the Peaceful Space Explorer Minion heads and then gave him a much larger nose using ‘green stuff’.

Having re-watched the January 1970 TV Seven-parter "Doctor Who And The Silurians", I decided to put a couple of coils of rope around the cave explorer’s shoulders (using string) and, despite it not actually appearing in the televised story) also gave Doctor Smith a sonic screwdriver. This was quite a simple conversion as having chopped the model’s right hand off I simply replaced it with a crowbar-wielding hand from a plastic “Heroclix” Lackey miniature. I then snipped the ends of the crowbar off and stuck a suitable looking jewellery bead on the end.

I also noticed that the Scientific Advisor wears a different darker set of overalls to the UNIT soldiers, so painted his attire Calthan Brown and then washed it with Devlan Mud. His hair was simply undercoated Astronomican Grey before a combination of Devlan Mud, more Astronomican Grey and Skull White were applied.

COMING SOON - Continuing my "Crooked Dice" themed month, these models are also from the Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob', but use some of their Alien Heads. I've also done a simple conversion (for fun) in order to try and answer the question "Do you take milk and sugar?"

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