Thursday, 7 April 2011

"Hello, Sweetie."

These models are from "Crooked Dice" Game Design Studio's ‘ARC Astronauts’ and include their Melody Lake miniature. I have assembled them to represent three members of the Strackman Lux expedition who encountered David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in the May 2008 Doctor Who TV story "Silence In The Library”.

As I planned to use the Melody Lake model to represent the archaeologist Professor Song, I wanted her companions to better represent two of the explorers who accompanied her; namely Proper Dave and Other Dave. As a result instead of super-gluing an astronaut head to one of the ARC Astronaut Datapad bodies, I attached one of the Peaceful Space Explorer Minion heads instead. In addition, I chopped the model’s right hand (with datapad) off and replaced it with a clenched fist from an Unarmed Minion body.

All of the ARC Astronauts were then given an undercoat of Astronimicon Grey before being given two coats of Skull White. Their flight suits were then washed with watered down Astronimicon Grey. Whilst Other Dave’s face was painted using Dark Flesh and Devlan Mud, the skin of Professor Song and Proper Dave were treated to an undercoat of Tallarn Flesh, before being highlighted with Elf Flesh. These areas were then washed using Ogryn Flesh.

A future painting project will be to turn four of the Advancing ARC Astronauts into versions of the swarming, carnivorous Vashta Nerada. These models have already had their out-stretched arms repositioned (i.e. bent) in order to make them all appear in slightly different ‘menacing’ poses. As all four models have also been painted Skull White, each miniature now only requires a watered down wash of Astronimicon Grey, and their visors being picked out with Chaos Black.

COMING SOON - Continuing my "Crooked Dice" themed month, this model is from the Game Design Studio's 'Minion Mob'. He should prove an invaluable scientific advisor to the small collection of models I've assembled to represent members of the Unit Nations Intelligence Task (UNIT) Force from "Doctor Who And The Silurians".

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