Thursday, 12 June 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Eleven - 10mm Pendraken Miniatures

Approximately eighteen months ago I started to paint a Royalist English Civil War Army to use with the "Pike & Shotte" rulebook by "Warlord Games". In an effort to make the army affordable and playable on a small table I turned to my favourite 10mm manufacturer "Pendraken Miniatures" and set about work on the Royalist Regiment, The King's Lifeguard.
Unfortunately my enthusiasm for the project stalled upon my discovery that the North Yorkshire based company were about to imminently replace their English Civil War range with all new models. This deflating news, coupled with the sheer monotony I was experiencing at the time by repeatedly painting the same Cuirassier model in order to populate a small battalia of Horse, brought the project to a grinding halt.

As a result, upon determining that this week's Painting Challenge subject was to be any single base of 10mm models, I thought I'd try and breathe some new life into my substantial English Civil War collection.
In addition to completing the Cuirassiers, I am also hoping to turn my attention towards dusting down and finishing a couple of command bases I assembled as part of my Second World War Russian army. These two trucks will be accompanied by a number of officers and will be based upon a snowy landscape in order to fit in with rest of my Soviet 'winter' forces.

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