Saturday, 7 June 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Ten - 28mm Judge Dredd Miniatures

I tried to finish painting these two 28mm "Mongoose Publishing" models as part of an earlier (fourth week) Painting Challenge, but ultimately found they were taking me too long. As a result I abandoned them in favour of some easier to paint "Heroclix" plastic miniatures by "Wizkids". Over a month later I hope to finally complete them as my subject figures for Week Ten.
 I am also slowly starting to base the nine stands of 6mm "Micro Armour" I've been painting over the past fortnight, having started work on the beginnings of a "GHQ" Middle Eastern Alliance force.
 In addition, having squeezed in three games of 'Aliens verses Imperial Guard' using "Ground Zero Games" and "The Ion Age" miniatures over the past few days, I am steadily progressing painting three more 15mm Retained Knights.

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