Sunday, 22 June 2014

'The Finest Rookie Judge Dredd Ever Assessed'

This 28mm metal model of Judge Dekker can be purchased as part of the "Judge Dredd Miniatures Game" range as either code MGP10197 from "Mongoose Publishing" or as code JD20006 from "Warlord Games".

The best rookie Judge Dredd ever had, this figure appears to represent the more street experienced version of Dekker that would one day die during the unholy events of the 1992 "2000AD" comic book serial "Judgement Day". As sculpting goes this is certainly one of the better models from the line that I've encountered. Though once again some of the poor detail separating the (green) elbow pads and (gold) shoulder pads from the model's (black) leather one-piece suit had me grinding my teeth in frustration as I tried to establish where one area finished and another started.
Moving on from 28mm painting, I'm also progressing on this Lieutenant for my 'Rogue Trader era' 15mm Imperial Guard force using Prydian Muster models from "The Ion Age".
In addition I've based up a handful of 28mm miniatures from the "West Wind Productions" "Empire Of The Dead" Kickstarter I pledged on some time ago. I'm not actually planning on using the figures to play Andy Cooper's tabletop skirmish game, but rather to represent two teams hoping to compete in a simple Victorian Steampunk sport I've written some homemade rules for. 

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