Monday, 5 May 2014

In Need Of Repair - Part Two

Just over a month ago I started to try and re-paint the Emperor's Champion model I used as the HQ choice for my (Fifth Edition) Black Templar Space Marines Force.

Time had most definitely not been gentle with the "Games Workshop" metal miniature, having especially left its Black Sword battered and chipped; something especially disappointing as the "Warhammer 40K" model never saw a 'battlefield in anger', so I can't even explain away the damage as 'war wounds' and cite some heroic actions.

As a result I have been spending some time trying to re-paint the figure's defects, and also add some extra detail to the Chosen of the Emperor's colour scheme. In particular I wanted to break up the sheer white the model's left leg.

Unfortunately, the coating of PVA glue I used to use to coat all of my models has made any such attempts a disaster, and despite the considerable passage of time, the glue returns to a sticky liquid state just as soon as paint (and water) touch it. This has meant that the "Vallejo" Gold kneepad I intended to apply, quickly became a lumpy stodgy mess as the glue mixed with the paint both on the model and on the brush tip.

After several attempts, it became clear that the model either needed to be completely stripped or binned and replaced. Initially I was inclined to go for the later option, and simply retain my (old) Emperor's Champion as a sentimental reminder of painting days (and skills) gone by. However I have struggled to find a metal replacement at any reasonable price, and with such a vulnerable pose, I was not willing to consider the "Games Workshop" Finecast alternative.

As a result I have completely stripped the model, although a few bits of paint remain stubbornly stuck to the miniature's cloak and waist. I've also been able to properly pin the Emperor's Champion sword arm to the torso, and replace the figure's backpack with one which actually belongs to the Black Templar Chapter.
 Having now undercoated the model with two layers of "Coat D'Arms" Black, I've started to paint a small 'Rogue Trader era' two-man Crimson Fist 'Sergeant' stand using some more of the excellent 15mm Retained Knight models from "The Iron Age".  

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