Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Modern Middle Eastern Alliance Revered Leader

This stand of 6mm "GHQ" miniatures is comprised of models taken from their "Micro Armour" stock codes TW1 Mujahadin Individual Infantrymen and TW11 Middle Eastern Civilians. I'll be using it to represent the Revered Leader who will lead the Middle Eastern Alliance force I'm currently painting; having based its force structure upon the one found in the "Battlefield Evolution: Modern Combat" rulebook by "Mongoose Publishing".

Having previously painted a 6mm British Army platoon, I know from experience that it can be very difficult to discern between Fire Team leader bases and the 'rank and file' without getting very close to the models. I wanted to avoid this problem with my Middle Eastern Alliance force so ended up putting a camel on the base, beside the revered leader figure, in order to make it really stand out. 
In addition, inspired by the excellent 10mm 'batch painting' recently posted on the "Rantings From under The Wargames Table" blog [], I'm progressing through the first six "Micro Armour" stands I need to represent a basic Fedayeen Squad, complete with leader and all armed with AK-103 automatic rifles.

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