Friday, 16 May 2014

Painting Challenge: Week Seven - 6mm Micro Armour

The seventh week of my painting challenge will herald the beginning of work on a 6mm Middle Eastern Alliance army using "GHQ" miniatures. To begin with I just plan to paint up a Revered Leader stand, using predominantly Middle Eastern Civilian Modern "Micro Armour" models. But if I get time I aim to start painting a Fedayeen Squad, utilising a selection of  models from other "GHQ" Third World Warriors blisters.
I have finally completed the first of several laser cut scenery tiles I recently bought from "Hurlbat Games". I plan to use these pieces of 3mm thick MDF to indicate a Built Up Area (BUA), so rather than place a base of infantry on top of a building I can simply position them alongside the structure, on the BUA base, as a means of showing the infantry have occupied it.
In addition I'm putting the finishing touches on a few more "Flames Of War" models by "Battlefront Miniatures".

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