Tuesday, 27 May 2014

LRDG/SAS Dismounted Patrol - Part Three

The second of two 15mm "Battlefront Miniatures" stands I've painted over the past couple of weeks, this involves my favourite two models from the "Flames Of War" blister BR758 LRDG/SAS Dismounted Patrol. Indeed in many ways I'd have preferred the packet to have just simply consisted of multiples of this commando cap wearing soldier rather than the numerous variants with head cloths, shorts and rifles, that it actually contains.
Having recently bought an amount of "Battlefront Miniatures" "Battlefield In A Box" pre-painted 15mm buildings, fields and cobbled roads, I'm determined to finish off this twenty model sized blister over the next few weeks and put my newly acquired scenery to good use.


  1. They look good though nice work.

  2. Simon, Many thanks indeed. They are all very nice minis, and for many the head cloths, beards and shorts is the definitive (WW2) SAS image. Having read a lot of Commando books in my youth though, in my mind its the commando cap :-)


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